Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update

yeh rishta kya kehlata hai written update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat Prays For Ranvir’s Long Life


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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written

The Episode starts with Naira saying Sirat loves you, Ranvir isn’t wrong, you have to give yourself and love a chance. Kartik shouts I can’t do this. Manish hears his shout and goes to see. He worries and goes. Suwarna asks what happened. Manish says I went to see Kartik, he has much loneliness, I can’t see him like this, this happened because of Sirat. She says Sirat is his friend, his reason to smile. He says we have to give him another reason to smile, he has to listen to me this time, he will see how stubborn I m, he has to get married. She says we have to find someone like Sirat, who makes her own place and doesn’t try to take Naira’s place. Its morning, Sirat takes tea for Ranvir. She asks him to wake up. He doesn’t move. She worries and shouts. He gets up and asks what happened. She says you took my life. He says one who is losing life can’t take anyone’s life. She asks what. He says I mean you look so beautiful.

She asks him to come along. He says I have my work, I have to go. She says fine, finish your work and come. She gives him tea and goes. He says don’t know Kartik thought of this or not. Kartik comes for breakfast. He sees everyone. They all tease him. He asks what happened Gayu, why are you behaving like this, I didn’t say wrong to you. Manish says you accepted that you said wrong to others. Kartik apologizes to them. Kairav says no, very sorry. Kartik hugs him and says very sorry. Suwarna says we all decided, we will go and see a match today. Manish asks when did you all decide. Suwarna says just now. He says you didn’t ask or inform me, we vowed to not keep secrets. She says don’t take literal meanings of the vows.

Kairav says we will meet Sirat. Kartik says we will do and cheer for Bindya. They all go and meet Sirat at the boxing club. Sirat teases Manish and laughs. She asks where is Kartik. Kairav says he is parking the car, look he has come. He recalls Ranvir and Sirat’s words. Raj comes and says I m glad to see your entire family here, Sirat, where is Ranvir. Sirat says he went for his work. Kartik says he is busy. Sirat asks how do you know that. He says I had called him, he told me. He wishes all the best to Bindya. Sirat asks are you worried, did anything happen. He says no, this match… She says I trained Bindya, she will win the match, I have learnt one thing, if you have worked hard, then its easy to fight the opponent. Bindya asks for a group hug. Sirat says sure….

She asks why are you shy Kartik, Bindya is like our sister. They have a group hug. Raj looks on. Ranvir gets his tests done. Doctor checks the reports. He signs no to Ranvir. Ranvir gets sad. Sirat cheers for Bindya. Kartik worries. She thinks Kartik is thinking something. Sirat shouts its a foul. Referee says its not a foul. She says I have seen it. She asks Kartik to see. Suwarna asks Kartik to go, Sirat needs him. Referee says I didn’t see the foul. Kartik asks him to see the match recording and clear the doubt. Referee checks and says sorry, its a foul, the winner is Bindya. Sirat and everyone get happy. Kartik says congrats. Ranvir and Kartik meet. Ranvir says I have taken the decision. Kartik says you will tell her the truth.

Ranvir says I want to spend the time well. Kartik says you got selfish, she has a right to know about her husband, would you tolerate if this happened with Sirat, when we love someone, our every decision affects the person we love, I lost my Naira, she will never come back, I have accepted this, you are getting this chance, tell her that you can’t be with her, prepare her for the loneliness. Ranvir cries. Kartik says she won’t have anyone to answer her, don’t think much, listen to me. Ranvir says then you will also listen to me. Kartik says I will do what I can, you won’t need to say, I will keep friendship and save her from Chauhan, I don’t need to become her partner. Ranvir asks why, you will also feel loneliness. Kartik says yes, its tougher to give partner’s place to anyone else, whatever she told you that day, we know that she loves you now, I have told you what I felt, please tell the truth to her. Ranvir says I can’t do this alone, you have to help me.

Maudi gets some shagun. Sirat comes. Maudi smiles seeing her. Sirat says you thought I forgot Vat Savitri puja because of hens party. Saroj says I thought you are a modern girl and would forget this traditions. Sirat says how can I forget. Saroj praises her. She says we will go to the temple and do puja, I will just come. Maudi says Ranvir will come with us, right. Sirat says he is not at home, I will message him to come to the temple. Maudi says even Kartik went in the morning, did they go together. They come to the temple. Saroj and Maudi tell Sirat about Vat Savitri puja. Kartik and Ranvir come. Saroj guides Sirat and asks her to be careful, the thread shouldn’t break. Saroj says wife keeps the fast with love and ties the thread with belief, it increases husband’s life and their love. Sirat ties the thread to the tree. Sirat worries and thinks the thread fell short during the last round. Ranvir asks Kartik to see his fate, the thread also fell short as the life. Kartik says don’t say that. Sirat thins the thread to expand it and completes the round. She ties the thread. She says I didn’t let the thread break, Lord don’t let anything break. She prays.


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