Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2021 Written Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik Refuses To Ranvir’s Demand


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik asks what do you mean to say. Ranvir says you have loved someone a lot, its tough to leave your relation, I came back in her life at a wrong time, you can take care of her well. Kartik says I m just Sirat’s friend, don’t think so, don’t prepare to die, try to live. Ranvir shows the sand clock. He says I have less time, Sirat will be left alone, she won’t have courage to fight with Chauhan, he will break her down, I want her to become her strength. Kartik says I will become her strength and take care of her, we are friends. Ranvir says make her your partner. Kartik asks what is it. Ranvir says just think about it.

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Kartik says we will talk later, go home, we will talk later. Ranvir says I have no time. Kartik says its not possible. Ranvir asks why, you were marrying her when I wasn’t here. Kartik says yes, it was just for Kairav, she loved you, Sirat and you got your love, you both got happy. Ranvir says no, she didn’t get her love, I want to return it to her. Kartik asks what do you mean. Ranvir plays the recording. Kartik hears Sirat’s confession. He gets shocked.

Ranvir says when I was fighting for my life, Sirat was fighting with her heart, Sirat would have been with you if my illness didn’t come in between. Kartik signs no. Ranvir asks Kartik to think now. He says I didn’t say it right, I could have died without hearing this, why did I know this, I shall do something for Sirat before dying, you are in her heart since always. Kartik says enough. Ranvir says Sirat has a right to fight for her life. Kartik says enough, go home and take rest, Sirat is waiting, you won’t say this again. He angrily leaves in his car. Ranvir shouts on God.

Kartik recalls Ranvir and Sirat’s words. Someone comes in between. Kartik sees the angels keychain. He recalls Sirat. Sirat asks Maudi to come home. Ranvir comes home and talks to Maudi. Maudi blesses them. Sirat says you had to come in the match. Ranvir says Bindya has won, I don’t need to take tension when you are there, congrats, we have won. She says I feel like dancing, we have won, I m very happy, we will win nationals and then internationals, we will go on world tour. She hugs him. He smiles seeing her dancing. Kaisi raah pe….plays….

He gets shocked seeing her standing sad wearing white clothes. He hugs Sirat. She asks what happened, are you fine. He says yes, you looked so happy, I got love on you. She says you scared me, we will celebrate as you say. He asks will you give me whatever I ask. She says ask and see, what’s there to think. He says I will ask when the time comes. She goes. He says when I ask, don’t refuse.

Manish is busy. Suwarn asks him to see pics. He says very good. She jokes about Rukmani’s pic. He says you are making fun of me. She says I m talking to the wall. Manish says Kartik has come, ask him about me. Suwarna shows the pics to Kartik. She says Sirat, Ranvir and your pic is also here. Kartik says you can see that, I have work. Manish asks why are you worried. Suwarna says Sirat called me, you won the match. Kartik says everyone just talks about Sirat here, sorry, I vented other’s anger here. Manish asks him about it. Kartik says there is much anger outside, I got irritated, I have a headache. Suwarna says I will get tea. He goes.

He hears Kairav talking to Kisha on call. Kairav disconnects. He says I wasn’t talking to anyone. Kartik says I m your dad, I will know if you lie, give me your phone. Kairav asks how will I talk to Sirat. Kartik says why do you want to ask, just ask me. Chauhan sees Kartik and Sirat’s pic. Saroj praises Sirat. He drops the milk glass. He scolds her. He says no girl can show such shame. Saroj says Kartik is like my son. Chauhan says how is he related to her, she will defame our family. Sirat looks on. She picks the glass pieces. Chauhan says she will stab your back with the same glass pieces, like a knife. He leaves. Saroj says I m sorry for his bitter words, he will also see your goodness and truth one day. Sirat says I don’t care, Ranvir trusts me, I don’t want any other support. Ranvir looks on.

Kartik cries recalling Ranvir’s words. Naira comes and holds him. She asks why are you worried. He says I can’t do what Ranvir wants, its wrong, its wrong that Sirat thinks such for me, this feeling is wrong. She says feeling isn’t wrong. He says sometimes we have to explain our heart, how would I know that, maybe she didn’t know it. She says she told Ranvir, you should praise her sincerity. He says I feel guilty that I came between a husband and a wife. She says no, calm down. He asks what do you mean. She says we always like to see one happy, whom we love, think its just about Sirat, how are you feeling now. He says better. She says think what would you do being in Ranvir’s place, you would also want to give a partner to the person you love the most, what’s wrong if he chose you, you care for Sirat and respect her, Sirat also likes you, what’s wrong in it, I got your answer in your silence. He says but…. She says no Kartik, Sirat and you are right for each other, last time, you were marrying for a compromise, this time just accept it, everything will be fine. He says no, I just loved you, no one else. Naira says I can’t come back, the heart which knows love shouldn’t find it difficult to understand someone’s love, Sirat loves you, you will also love her some day.


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