Ye Mard Bechara Full Movie Download News,Review: funny story of man trapped in manhood, read full review

Ye Mard Bechara Review: funny story of man trapped in manhood, read full review
Anup Thapa’s film’ Ye Mard Bechara ‘ is about to come up with a theme like masculinity, which will be released in theaters tomorrow, November 19, 2021. Let’s know how this movie is.

Ye Mard Bechara Review

Ye Mard Bechara Review
Starcast-Viraj Rao, Seema Pahwa, manukriti Pahwa, Atul Srivastava and Brijendra Kala
Director-Anup Thapa

Man in our society is defined in a traditional way. Everyone has their own experience. As soon as the boy begins to grow up, his training to become a man begins. In this training, the father plays the main role, as well as other older uncles, uncles, grandfathers, all of the family transfer their masculinity to the young man. One such story is that of director Anup Thapa . Anup Thapa’s’ Yeh Mardani ‘ is going to come with a similar theme, it will be released in theaters tomorrow i.e. November 19, 2021.

Ye Mard Bechara Review Story-

The story of the film is about Sharma Ji’s son Shivam Sharma, who is carrying his father’s family tradition on his head. Father says that the sign of a man in his family is a mustache. Because of this, Shivam has to keep a mustache. Having a mustache, manhood is not revealed but his life becomes dull. In college, the girl does not impress him and at home dad is engaged in marrying her. Shivam follows all the ideas to make his crush Shivalik his own. He creates bodies, renounces his family tradition, also mustaches. Everyone tells him new experiences of his masculinity. You have to watch this movie to see how ‘Yeh Mard poor’, trapped between tradition and love, finally comes out of this religion crisis.

Ye Mard Bechara Review Acting and directing-

Many legendary actors are working in this film. These include Atul Srivastava, Brijesh Kala and Seema Pahwa. These three have done their job well. How amazing their screen appearance is that you will not be bored to watch them. Seema Pahwa’s daughter manukriti is working in this film. They have influenced . At the same time, Viraj Rao, who appears in the lead role, has tried a lot but has not left much impact on the screen. That is the character of his friend who is weak. The rest of the senior actors have taken over the reins of the film.
The director’s responsibility in the film is Anup Thapa. The film could have been more fun if the screenplay had been a little better. Important issues are raised in the story for which manufacturers should be praised.

Ye Mard Bechara Review See or not see?

If you like to watch a light-hearted family drama, then this film will perfectly entertain you. In it, the rest of the usual family story of the small town is shown in a general way. Many issues are shown with great absurdity that should be praised. If you see too much hope, you may feel disappointed.


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