What is PAN Card, Why is it necessary and how to make it?

What is PAN Card, Why is it necessary and how to make it?


Janiye PAN Card kya hai, isme jo 10 digit alphanumeric number hai iska matlab ky ahi,aur iske liye kaise apply kare,ye kyu jaruri hai,

Friends, we will have many ID proofs like Voter card, Aadhar card, Driving license etc. Apart from all this, there is a PAN Card which is very important to identify us as well as bank related matters

The government issues an identity card to all the persons residing in India which country the person is a resident of and how much is agreed in his name and what is his income.

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What is PANCard – what is a PANCard?

Income tax department INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT

Government of India GOVT. OF INDIA



Date of birth <DD/MM/YYYY> Permanent Account Number PAN Number <AAAAA8888A>


PAN Holders Signature


What is PAN Card?

The full name of PANCard is Permanent Account Number. It is a unique identity card and it plays an important role in any financial transaction

There is an alphanumeric number of 10 digit in the PANCard which comes from the income tax department. Under PANCard Income Tax Act,1961, government of India sends laminated Card to the beneficiary’s home post

The income tax department releases it in the care of the Central Board for Direct Taxes(CBDT). PAN Card is very important to pay income tax from your income.


The numbers in the PAN Card are required for all major financial transactions

All these things, such as to get taxable salary, to open an account with a bank, to buy or sell money assets and jewelry, etc., require a PAN Card so all the details of the account holder are present in this Card.

PAN Card is the size of your debit and credit Card and your details such as Your Name, Father’s name, date of birth, your signature and your permanent account Number and photo are printed on the Card.

Why is PANCard necessary?

PANCard has photo, name and signature so it can be used as identity card as well.
Its major use is for tax filling. Without a PAN Card, you may have to pay more in tax payments. With the help of the unique number of the PAN Card, the income tax department links and monitors all transactions made by an individual so that tax evasion can be prevented.
This is not only necessary for tax filling but also for transactions of any higher value. the person who does the job needs a PAN Card the most to make it easier for them to pay.
Today, PAN cards are required to open accounts in all banks.
PANCard protects you from all kinds of hassles or troubles in income tax.
PAN Card is also required when buying or selling property to build a house. It is also needed when buying cars.
If you are an NRI, you can easily buy property with the help of a PAN Card and start your business in this country.
What does the Alphanumeric Number of 10 Digit in PANCard mean?

I have already mentioned that the PAN Card has an alphanumeric number of 10 digit which hides a lot of your information like AAECC6548c . The first five letters are English alphabets,

Next is a 4 digit number and at the end there is an alphabet again. All of these points have some meaning and represent important details of the person. Let’s get to know what all these points mean


The first tin characters. The first three letters are of a normal alphabetic series, which is used from a To Z, such as AZT or Zrt.
Fourth letter. The fourth letter describes the position of the holder of the Card.
This is the most important letter in this Card that identifies a person’s status. The fourth letter is the letter “P” which means “person” on the number of most PAN holders. The other 9 characters that describe the fourth character are as follows

A – Association of Persons

B – Body of Individuals

C- Company F- Firm


H- Hindu Undivided Family

L- Local Authority

J – Artificial Juridical Person

T- Trust

Fifth letter. If PAN Card personal then the fifth letter person’s last name or surname’s first letter is like Pratik Jain is the name
So the fifth letter on the number of the PAN Card will be “J”. And if the PANCard is for a trust, organization, company, government, etc., then the first letter of its name is in the fifth letter.
Six to nine characters. These four letters are four random numbers from 0001 to 9999.
Tenth letter. The last letter of the PANCard is the check digit of the alphabet, which is generated by a formula with the remaining 9 characters.
How to make PANCard?

Earlier only government employees could apply for PAN Card but now it is not at all like that, any person, comPANy, organization etc.can apply for PAN.

NRI individuals i.e. those who are not citizens of this country can also apply for PANCard.



It is very simple to apply for this app can be made in two ways first either you own the income tax department’s website incometaxindia.gov.in or tin-nsdl.com or utiitsl.com to create a PANCard. And secondly, you can visit the service center in your Sahur where PAN cards are made.

There may be a fee of Rs 110 or more to make a PAN Card, in many places up to Rs 150.200 is charged.

If you are applying for online PANCard, you will need Net banking or you can also pay with credit Card or debit Card.

And if you are making a PANCard from an outside center, you can pay the money in cash. After applying for PANCard, you are given a number

So you can find out what the status of your PAN Card creation process is and how many days it will reach you.


What documents are required to get a PAN Card? 1. Two Recent passport size photo
Proof of birth. For this, you can use a photo copy of any one document in your birth certificate, marriage certificate, metric certificate, passport, driving license.
Identity proof. For this, you can use one of the documents such as Voter card/passport/driving license/pension card/ Aadhar card/raation card etc.
Address proof. For this you need one of the documents like electricity bill/driving license/passport/aadhar Card/telephone bill etc.

Keep in mind that all the necessary documents must be in A4 size page and all of them must be self attested along with photo, self attested means own signature.

Our government of India will soon make PAN Card mandatory for all government functions like Aadhar Card, so you must have this Card with you. If you haven’t made it yet, get it done as soon as possible.


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