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What is Page Experience | Page Experience Kya Hai Page Experience News  today we will talk about the latest update of Google Search Console, a new update has come in Google Search Console which has been named Page Experience.

Today we will talk about the page experience of this update and know what is the benefit of this update to those who blog or have a website, no matter what the topic is, it is very important for all of them to know that What is the page experience. , How does it work? Page experience

You stay in our post so that you also know what is page experience, so let us know what is page experience? What is the page experience

Did you know that if we talk about some big websites, according to them, if a website takes more than 3-4 seconds to load, then about 40% of visitors to that website return because the website Can’t load fast. That’s why that visitor came back. If you have created some of your own high quality pictures, you may have a hard time with it. If a visitor comes back from your website, they will never visit your website. Will not come, and because of this. Your website will never rank if more visitors come back from your website. Page experience

What is the page experience? 
Guys, Google is always making some changes in itself, but this time blogging people are also taking advantage of the upcoming update, because Page Experience is an important part of SEO, which will make your website rank faster and New. The update will tell you if you should improve your post or not, it will only tell you when you write the post. Page experience

Google announced this update a long time ago, the Page Experience update in Google Search Console will be launched in 2021, and a few days ago Google changed it to Search Console and gave it a new update. Page experience

Page experience is a set of signals that measures how long visitors to your website stay on your post and what they did to your website. Page Experience has a web vitals that is a set of metrics that work on how fast your website is opening or how fast your posts are opening. Page experience

According to many large websites, they say that about 80% of visitors have a smartphone, out of 80%, about 70% of visitors come directly to our website from Google, so you can guess how much Google The website supports. Users, Google used to provide automatic support, but now it has been integrated into the Google Search Console as a tool. Page experience

Page experience important
Friends, there are 5 important aspects to the page experience, according to a new feature added to the Google Search Console.

1. Webcore important
Webcore Vital is a very old feature or team within Google Search Console and it is useful for 3 things.

LCP means paint with the highest content. You have to keep the speed of your website good, this is very important, which is only measured by Google through LCP whether your website or page is good or not, your page should be loaded in at least 4 seconds, then you Will be. Be able to get a good rating.

CLS means cumulative layout shift. This means that after clicking on a link to your website, how long the first visual appears and how long visitors stay on the post.

FID means first input delay. This simply means the time taken to display the first input



2.Mobile Usability

According to Google Search Console, Mobile Usability comes second, which means whether the themes on your website are mobile friendly or not.

Mobile Usability also means how quickly your website loads into mobile, how much your website’s design is mobile friendly, how will the menu bar appear in the mobile.

All this together makes Mobile Usability.

3.Security Issue

Security Issue means how safe your website is, and how safe you can keep those who come VISITORS, how safe you can keep, visitors how safe you keep if they give a detyls of their own if they give a detyls of their own.


We all know that HTTPS means SSL CERTIFICATES, which Security your Website, that you website safe.

If SSL CERTIFICATE is not on in your Website, your website will not be safe for any visitors, and therefore your website will not be able to rank anywhere.

5.Ads Experience

Ads Experience means that if you ads, that ads doesn’t cause any problem with your themes, if your themes are disturbed

If a user comes to your Website and is pop up ads show to ads again and again, that user will not be able to read your post.

This also spoils the Ads Experience.

Page Experience How to check in Google Search Console

If you also work on a website or you are blogging, you must have heard the name of the Google Search Console and used it because without it your website will not come Search Google.
This new update has come in the Google Search Console of Page Experience.

First you have to login your Google Search Console, then you will see the Option of Page Experience in the Left Side, after clicking on it

Page Experience क्या है? (What is Page Experience in Hindi) Page Experience को Google Search Console में कैसे चेक करे

You will see what the Page Experience of your Website is, if you don’t see anything there, you don’t get upset, it will take some time, but your data will also come there.


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