Travel 100 km in just 4 rupees, know about Voltro electric cycle


Voltro Motors: The demand for electric bicycles has risen sharply in the country after the corona epidemic. It is witnessing the highest demand for electric bicycles in smaller cities. Where people are now becoming increasingly aware of their fitness. An official of electric cycle startup Voltro Motors said the company has set a sales target of Rs 10 crore this year. In which the company is paying more attention to smaller cities. Let’s know about Voltro Motors…

Emphasis on increasing dealers in smaller cities – Voltai Motors founder and director Prashant said initially the business suffered due to lockdown. But now it’s growing fast. “By seeking Voltaielectric Bicycles, I believe it’s going to be a vehicle of social change and we’re looking for the appointment of dealers and distributors in small towns,”


Specifications of Voltro Motors bicycle – Voltaielectric bicycle can give a range of 75 to 100 km in full charge and its top speed is 25 kmph. In this bicycle you will find lithium phosphate battery. At the same time, this bicycle has a mid-driver motor.

price of Voltro Motors bicycle – This electric bicycle costs Rs 35,000 and is fully charged in one unit. Which costs only Rs. 4 to charge it. The company claims that it takes about 3 hours for Voltro Motors’s bicycle to be fully charged.



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