tires to batteries, know the parts that should be replaced when


New Delhi. Automobiles are an invention that has solved the problems of a lot more people, from transportation to movement of goods. Trains have nowadays become a part of the need of every common man, without which it is very difficult to travel. In such a case, it is necessary to keep your vehicles running and for long life, timely maintenance. Cars have a long list of parts and some of which need to be replaced regularly due to normal wear and tear. There are also parts of trains that run for the rest of their lives. We tell you a list of components that need to be changed regularly.

Battery is one of the most important parts of your car and without it you have your car
Won’t be able to start. Typically, a battery can last about three to five years, which may vary. There are some signs that show that your car’s battery is now out or out of date, such as the blurring of headlights,


Tyres are a part of the car that lives in the street and contact of the car. Many different types of tyres and different driving habits damage tyres in their own way. However, you can also install car tyres to detect bad tyres. There are threads on the tyres and you can use coins to determine whether the grooves are deep enough. Whether the tires are new or old, among other important factors, the depth of threads matters the most.

Brake Pads
Moving cars are stopped by brake pads, these are pieces placed in calipers that actually squeeze on the rotor. Brake pads are made of steel plates with friction material on the surface, which can be either ceramic or metal. It is very important to replace the brake pad of the car when the material is damaged, as the brakes will not apply properly only when brakes are applied on the steel banking. There is no time limit for brake pads to malfunction, but it is usually correct to replace them after 25,000 km or 2 years.


Oil & Air Filter
To drive a car, power is taken from an engine (unless it’s an electric car). The engine work is very easy, they pull the air and then mix it with fuel. The engine does this job to push or run the car. Like our human body, cars also require air without adulteration and filtered to run properly. For air, there is an air filter in front of the car and for oil, there is an oil filter inside the engine bay. Since these filters filter impurities, they close after a while and therefore, in every service, it becomes necessary to check their performance.



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