Thought Of The Day – 2 Habits For A Powerful Mind By BK Shivani

Thought Of The Day – 2 Habits For A Powerful Mind By BK Shivani How many of you have the power to tolerate? Please raise your hand.How many of you have the power to adjust? Very good.Power to forgive?Raise your hand confidently because when you are answering, your mind is listening.Your mind will know that you have the power.What about power to let go of the past?Just sitting here, I got a glimpse of Thought Of The Day  a so many powerful souls having different powers.

2 Habits For A Powerful Mind By BK Shivani
2 Habits For A Powerful Mind By BK Shivani

All the Shaktis are seated right in front of me.It is these powers that the world invokes all the time.Who are we actually invoking?Who are we singing praises of, and worshiping?We call her Shakti. We call her Devi. We also call her Ma.Where will she come from?What about the demons shown under the feet of of Devi or Shakti?Who are those demons whom the Shakti killed?Do those Demons live within any of us here?How many of you feel so? Several of us.How many of you have slightly huge Demons residing within?So one thing is very clear.That the Demons shown below the feet of Shakti live within us.What about the divinity which finished or killed those Demons?The divinity which crushed the Demons under the feet If Demons are within us, what about divinity? Within us.


So where should we involve divinity from? Within us.We invoke them from somewhere above.That divinity or Shakti is not coming from anywhere above us.The divinity is going to come out into action, from within us.It’s not from up coming down.It’s coming from inside to the outside in our every Karma.All of you raise your hands that you have the power to adjust, forgive, and let go.All of us have these powers but what is happening isWe use them only sometimes. We don’t use them at other times.We use them with some people but not with other people.Therefore that divinity emerges sometimes and not always.Sometimes it gets merged.When divinity emerges, the demons get finished. And when demons emerge, divinity gets merged.It is our choice Which energy to keep emerged in our life.Whether we want divinity merged, or demons emerged.By the way what are the demons present within us?Anger, jealousy, egoHatred also? Do we hate someone?If we have hatred, what will happen to our divinityToday the little girl who came to the centre set the energy circle needs to be white.So I asked her what makes that energy circle a little dirty?She said whenever she fights with her brother, it becomes a little dirty.I asked her to sit here instead of me. The session will be over in no time.Because when a 4-5 year old child can understand such a deep point of knowledgeThen it should be quite easy for us to implement. When will you get pictures of deities and worship them There is a white circle behind them What does that stand for? Aura.So whether it is divine souls or religious headsA white circle is depicted behind them What does that white circle signify?That everything here is absolutely white.Intentions, memories, thoughtsFeelings, words, behaviour, karmaEverything of the highest vibration which means white.What do you think is the colour of our Aura?Rainbow colour?Rainbow colour implies white finally.Then it will be the highest vibration of the Aura with all colours.What would be our Aura’s colour? It is the white aura that we worship.Since it is the highest vibration.What do you think the colour would be?It is usually not black.


And by chance if someone has a black Aura, they would not come to this program.Not feel like attending such programs.And in any case no one will have a black Aura Because every single soul Has the original Sanskar of purity Love, peace, happiness, wisdom, and bliss.Every soul has these Sanskars.But sometimes there are a few stains that develop on top of the white circle.Because through the day we do certain karmasBecause of which a few stains are created on the white circle And the easiest way to create a stain Is to think about other people.Which means to focus on the stains on other people’s white circle To think about those stains And to discuss about those stains with other people.To see, think, and discuss with other people.And throughout the day we meet so many people at home and workplace Even if you switch on your TV, you get to see so many people about whom you can start thinking and speaking. And ever since we have smartphones We now have the option of giving our opinion about anyone and everyone.The moment someone does something, we immediately comment our opinion.What happened to our energy circle when we kept doing this?All of us have a white energy circle.It is innately white.That is why we refer to divine souls as Kuldevi or Kuldevta.When we refer to them as Kuldevi or KuldevtaIt means whose clan do we belong to?We belong to the clan of deities.When our ancestors had a white circle, our circle is also white.But because we did not take care sometimes They develop stains.Today let’s clear all the stains.So that when we leave this program after an hour from now What colour will our circle be? White. Are you ready for the dry cleaning?That is what meditation does.Just dry cleans and cleans off all the stainsThat we could be carrying from past lives or present interactions We create many stains even in small matters.When you start using white in life For example, a black or a dark colour dress is easier to maintain.Wearing white needs a lot of attention throughout the day.Wherever we go, wherever we sit We need to first check if that place is clean.If we sit down without checking the chair After a few minutes, the stain will not be a part of the chair. It becomes a part of us.And this is what we need to do if we want to carry a white Aura.We need to live and work with everyone. We need to do everything.But while doing everything we need to be careful.I should not take on anyone else’s stain.


That is why they we – and Devi in this context doesn’t mean feminine energyDevi means Shakti and Shakti means power of the soul.Deities are shown sitting or standing on lotus flower.Just think about it – can someone sit or stand on a lotus flower?We usually do not question these things.Every day we worship them.But we never created a single thought Of how they can be shown standing on a lotus flower.Or how they can be seated on a lotus flower.Never thought about it.Because every symbol, every picture, and every IdolWas giving a some message about their characteristics.But we only worshipped the picture.We were supposed to understand their personality and imbibe it within us.We were not to simply praise the idolWe were supposed to become like those deities. That is why those festivals come.Festivals don’t come only for us to praise them.Festivals come for us to become like them.Why are they depicted on top of lotus flower?What does a Lotus do?It grows through muddy and dirty water.But the whole lotus plant above that water is immaculate – detached and beautiful.Lotus is a symbol of purity.Because it is detached from the filthy surroundings.Which means that spirituality or divinity does not mean we withdraw from the world.It means we need to live with everyone.Whether it is Managing business, bringing up children And living amidst everything around us.But despite being in the midst of everything We need to rise above the low vibrations in our surroundings.Only then our circle starts becoming white.Sometimes we believe spirituality means to withdraw from the world. No,


that’s not true.Spirituality is not decided by the colour of the dress we wear orn the place we live in.Spirituality is here.Someone can wear a white dress, live in Ashram, and yet get angry. Isn’t it possible?Certainly possible.Likewise, someone can leave at home, manage business, and be white (pure) internally.That is also certainly possible.So we don’t need to go anywhere to practice spirituality. We don’t need to move to far off places to create a white circle.I am sharing this because a lot of people say – Spirituality is difficult because we live with family.So what?Being with family doesn’t mean giving yourself the Liberty That my aura can sometimes develop a few stains.Deities are grahastis, occupied with home and family.Whether it is Sri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan, or Sri Ram – Sri Sita – they were grihastisSo never say to yourself – I am occupied with home, family. So I will face challenges.


Challenges will certainly come.We need to maintain our white circle despite challenges.This is why deities are shown on lotus flowerThroughout the day what are the things we do because of which our circle gets a little stained?And what are the things that we can give up today so that the stains get removed?What is it that stains our Aura?Thinking about Sanskars of people.He is like this, she is like that … They should not have done this … She should not have behaved that way … And we have an opinion about the whole world like that.God teaches us – Whatever you start thinking about That matter does not remain there. Where does it start living?Consider this flowers. Even if I don’t like them, they are lying here.And I can live my life with these flowers here.But if I start thinking about them This flowers are like this … They are like that … They should have been like this … Now where will the flowers start living?Now they will start living on my mind.Whenever we start thinking of someone’s weakness The weakness will not remain only theirs. The weakness becomes a part of our mind (soul).Whoever we start thinking about, they start living on our mind.By incessantly thinking about them, our mind feels heavy.So we feel we will feel lighter if we discuss it with someone.Which means first I kept the matter here on my mind.So my circle became a little stained.Next I shared about that matter with someone elseSo I kept that matter even on their mind (soul).Next that person discussed it with someone else.If one person in a family or one person at an office If one person has a weakness But if No one keeps thinking about itAnd if everyone only radiates their positivity Weakness in that one person gets finished.


However when one person has a little weakness And if everyone starts thinking about it and discussing it with each otherWhat happens to that person’s weakness? It increases.Because they receive a constant vibration from other people as – He is like this … He is like this … Means we are continuously blessing them – You are anyway like this.So while thinking and discussing about them, whose aura gets stained? Ours.So let’s start fasting from today.Usually we do fasting only with our diet, which is actually easy. We are not to stop with such easy vows. We do a fasting with food only because It increases our will power.And then we will need to use that will power to observe deeper vows. Let’s take up a vow or fast today. We see someone’s weakness, vices, problems, or anything like thatIf we need to advise them, let’s do it.But we will not keep their weakness on our mind by thinking about it.And of course we will not discuss it with other people.Think about it. Because there after you will not have much to think about, throughout the day.Today a lot of people say they are over thinking, they are just not able to slow down thoughts.Suggest for one day if you’re experiment not to think about other people You will not even make out what to think.And then the second vow for us to take up is – since we will not even think about other people, we will not discuss about other people.Just for one hour, sit with someone tomorrow Revise the vow before you get into interactionBoth of us are not to discuss about anyone else’s weakness.Just spend an hour with each other after this.For 5 minutes you will talk about good things from here and there.This is good … that is nice. What next?You won’t have much to talk about.Because most of our time and energy is going wasted In thinking and talking about problems And in thinking and talking about weaknesses in other people.If you just follow this one vow, the circle will start going towards white.We all have our own weaknesses to finish.Don’t we have? We do.It is like we have trash from our own house to be emptied.So where do we have the scope to to take trash from other people’s houses and accumulate in our house?This is emotional infection.When we absorb other people’s weakness We catch it into our Energy field.So just check – who are those people and what are their habits or behaviourWhich are not very pureAnd I think and talk about them?Identified? How many of you identified?You don’t need to share here because it’s possible they are sitting right next to you.Isn’t it? Sitting next to you, right?Because we think and talk the most about our own family members, isn’t it?Our intention is very pure for them.Intention is very pure that their stain should get erased.The process of erasing that stain it needs that we should not keep thinking and talking about it.But what is the method we adopt to delete their stain?We keep thinking about them and we keep talking about them And we share about them with other people.He is like this … He is like that … So they (and even the whole world) also will hold the same impression – Oh he is like this is it?Which means everyone is suffering and reaffirming If we make so many affirmations about someone Then what kind of affirmations should we create?About all the goodness in them.Even if someone has only slight, which means very little goodnessIf everyone starts affirming and reaffirming about that little goodness If the start speaking and spreading about that goodness Their little goodness will grow into a lot of goodness because they receive blessings from so many people.However if someone has a lot of good qualities but only one little wrong habit Our attention usually goes on that one single wrong habit in them.When all of us at home keep thinking and speaking about that one habit All the negative energy reaches that soul And what happens to that weak habit in them? It intensifies.


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