Thought Of The Day What is the PURPOSE Of Life BK Shivani

Thought Of The Day What is the PURPOSE Of Life BK Shivani I would like to read something and then ask you questions.In the last episode, you had given us homework that it is easy to overcome past hurt. This is related to the same topic. When you know your destination, you will know what to take along. And you leave behind all that is unnecessary.If we look at it from a physical perspective, suppose we are travelling to Shimla (hill station in India)Then we take care to pack and carry woollens.When we know our destinationYou know what to take along, what to leave and what is unnecessary.If we are going to Shimla in December (winter)Suppose we pack cotton clothingWhat will we be told it is ignorance and we are unintelligent to do something like this.

People will ask – Do you know where you are going? What kind of clothing have you packed?They will ask us to understand the requirements, and question our wisdom.And like you said, what will happen to us once we reach there?We go there in winter with cotton clothes. So what will happen to us after going there?You anyway have to carry luggage, why not carry what is useful there?It means, we left behind whatever is going to be useful there.The exact word would be that we are carrying the wrong luggage.What will be useful, we have not carried it. And what we have carried, will not be useful.This applies to physical destinations, when we travel from one place to another.When we know the destination, what is the destination of the soul?When we know the journey of the soul, we will know what to carry and what to leave behind.What is necessary and what is unnecessary.What is the destination of the Soul? It will go through this lifetime in this costume.There will be a moment when the soul will leave this body.And it takes a new costume.In that new costume what luggage carried from here, will be useful for the soul?You mentioned if we are going to Shimla in December, we will need woolen clothes.When the soul leaves one costume and takes another, what will be useful to that soul?Sanskar, nature, deeds, karmas.So we know what will be useful for us in our future journey.So when we know what will be useful, we will need to take care.Like in airport this only 15 kgs of luggage is allowed to be checked in. So we need to pack only that much perfectly.Whatever we carry with usToday if we look at children around us, and look at them as soulsDon’t look at them as children, look at them as souls.Do not look at the costume and do not look at the age of the costume.Look as a soul, look at the sanskars of that soul.And that the soul has carried those Sanskars along with it.We ask – why are small children behaving like this, why are they like that?The other day I met a child psychiatrist.I ask him what age group of children come to him?He said -from 1 month to 20 years.First I thought I heard him wrong. How can it be a 1-month-old child?I asked what the reason is.He said he wanted to ask me what the reason could be.He said earlier 1-month-old children would never come for treatment.He said earlier they would not have mental health issues at such a young age.

But today in younger ages, there are problems.The reason is, like we saw last time, the more the soul becomes dark.The soul is not light, it has not released past hurt.We are living in Kalyug today.Today we say we have reached the extremes of Kalyug.How is the environment and what is happening around us?What we are facing, putting up with, and holding onto here.We are not releasing it and not healing it.If someone leaves the body in that state of mind, with the trauma and pain.And when that soul enters the womb of the mother.The soul can get healed even in the mother’s womb.But if the mother herself is an emotional pain, will she add more pain to the child in the womb?Today every couple expecting a baby should rememberThat a soul can be healed when in the mother’s womb.Because that soul has seen something from somewhere before entering the womb.The soul has brought many recordings with it.Apart from healing the self, even that soul can be healed.Depending on what vibrations we give that soul, and That depends on the vibrations we create as a family.That soul has entered the womb even if they can’t see it.One is the trauma which we carry from the past.Suppose the soul has entered the womb, and the present environment is also not healthy.If there is trauma, fights and conflicts.If there is a big situation going on in the family.That soul has already entered in a weak state.And what it gets from here is also weak.Then it becomes very difficult for the child to be emotionally strong.The problem is that when the child is in the womb, there could be fight at home between the couple or with parents, fights in business, misunderstandings.If the mother is tense, and the child is affected by it. When the child starts growing in a few monthsThey start worrying that the child is doing this, not doing that and so on. They have put their own habits into the child and now complain or worry.If we look at our own habits in him and start scolding the childThen we’re aggravating the problem.Even if the child has carried those sanskars with him.We have to look at the stages because we should be aware of them.We should know where to pay attention at what stage. But regardless of what stage we are in today.Whether we are in this lifetime when the problem is on our mindOr whether the soul is in the mother’s womb, and what can the parents do.Or whether the child is already born – and now what the parents can do.However deep the stain is at any stageThe physical body can have any wound which cannot be healed at all.But the beauty of the soul is that – no matter how many stains, how deep they are, how old they are.

They can be cleaned today.You read a beautiful line for us a few days ago – you re-create yourself daily.For piece of cloth we say this stain cannot be removed. Even for physical body visit this mark, this wound, or this scar cannot be removed.But we can never say this for the soul.Every stain on the soul can be cleaned.In that example the parents are seeing the kid with a certain behaviour and a scolding him.Today if they stop scolding him and start giving him the right vibrations.Then the stain on that soul will gradually get deleted.At no stage in the journey of a soul should we feel that something cannot be changed or corrected.But again the mistake we commonly make is – we create thoughts of what is currently happening.But we need to create the vibrations of what we wanted reality.As soon as we start creating those vibrations, the soul will absorb them.The child will change.The soul will change, the soul will get healed.Also if I get healed, my vibration goes to the child.If I do not give up smoking, but object to my child smoking cigarettesHow will it affect him?This is a physical habit.Even if we’re talking of a physical habit like quitting smoking.Actually you have not just quit smoking but you have increased your willpower.It is a deeper consequence to what you have done.

But if you say you are unable to quit smoking you have reduced your willpower.Sometimes parents say that their children have not taken on their habit. For example a father may smoke but the son does not.Sometimes the child looks at the parent and says he does not want to become like that.So the child can either take the habit or not take it from the parent.But the one thing which will definitely influence you if your parents’ energy field.The aura or vibration is definitely going to affect the child.If the parent has an addiction, it means the parent’s will power is low.The kid will absorb the low will power.The child may not take to the habit of smoking from the father. But he will absorb the low willpower of the father because it is a vibration.So if the parent changes their habit, we need to look at the impact it will have on the child.If the parent has a high willpower then the child also will absorb it and develop high will power.But if the parents says he himself cannot give it up, then the same vibrations spreads into the environment. The child will also start saying he cannot also do something which is supposed to do.So at any point of time, parents’ vibration will influence the child.But like you said if the parents are still scolding or taunting the child for a wrong habitThat vibration creates the reality is an equation which we need to remember always.Our vibration creates our reality.If we tell a child you are like this, then we are creating that reality.We should not look at the reality, and create thoughts and words accordingly.

Whatever reality we want is what we should think and speak.Once this equation gets fit within, we will create miracles.My Guru once told me that if we say to anyone – “You are useless, you cannot handle bank work, you will lose all the money, you don’t go to the bank.”So the Guru said by saying this we are creating our own loss, and we are actually cursing the child.Blessing and curse – both work.Depending on the vibration we create, both of them work.Now you mentioned a line that he will which place the money. Since this vibration is created, the chances of it becoming the reality is very high.Now you create another thought for the child. What will be the thought?This child is very strong, sensible and wise. He will go to the bank, finish all the work perfectly well and come back.And it’ll be a surprise for us.This is so easy. This is a blessing that you gave.But such blessings we give very rarely to children. In normal conversations we either bless them or give them the opposite energy.Sometimes I will be uncomfortable inside in my thoughts but superficially I will wish them well in words.But within I have thoughts of doubt and anger of why he has to go, and I imagine that he will make mistakes.So we separate what we actually feel because we feel how many people to explain and convince.

It is better to keep quiet.But once we understand the equation that our vibrations will influence the other person.And it creates his reality.Suppose your child is going somewhere and you feel it is not good for him to go thereSuppose you feel you should not go there but you should go here.But he has decided to go there.Till when did you have the power? Before he left you could discuss and advise.But now the decision is taken and he wants to go there.Now if you have to bless him, what will you create?Go and come, be successful. God is with you.It should not just be in words.Now it should not just be in words but should also be in thoughts.You said that you will think differently within but suppress those thoughts.And outwardly you say everything will be fine and send him.What is the reality you want?You want him to be successful. That is the reality you want.That is success. You want him to be successful, happy and healthy.Whatever is the reality you want, you should start creating those vibrations.It is easy and only those vibrations are allowed.Only those vibrations are allowed.Wherever he is going, and whatever meeting he has – the vibrations of your thoughts have a huge role to play in the way things will unfold there for him.Because you send your vibrations to that soul.You want him to be successful but what is the vibration you radiated – Why is he going there?You will not create a thought that his work should not get done well. Nobody creates such a thought.What the wrong thoughts are created towards him, is it not?That he is doing the wrong thing, I tell him one thing but he does the other.Suppose I want my son to become a doctor but he wants to become an actor.If he has already enrolled himself into acting classes, I will say – I am helpless now, he has already enrolled for classes. Children this place never listen.And then I tell my son – All the best.But once he has already chosen – whether it is a relationship or a professionWhat is the role of the parents? Blessing, blessing and blessing.And blessing not in words only, but our every thought should be a blessing.Suppose there is a musician. He knows that his son has terrific potential.The parents know that he has talent but he refuses to learn music and wants to become a car mechanic.The parents know he has the knowledge, he can use our contacts to build into the profession.Here are the parents wrong?The good intention is that he should become a musician.That must have already been plenty of discussions, advice and suggestions on this matter already.Sometimes such discussions go on for days or even for years.Finally that soul takes a decision.He says he doesn’t want to become a musician, but is going into some other profession.Why did he take the decision? Why does he not want to become a musician?There could be many reasons. Maybe the parents are forcing him too much.Or maybe he is not inclined towards it.Maybe he likes the other profession more.Why?Maybe his past karmic account.When that soul has such a past karmic accountDespite any amount of advice you give, that soul will decide to choose that profession. He is choosing it based on his past Karmic account.What is your role now?Your role of giving advice, getting into arguments and discussions are all completed.What is your role and responsibility now?Accepting and blessing him.Only when the mind accepts the decision it will be able to create those vibrations.Need to remember the equation that vibration creates reality.From these discussions I feel that when we explain everything to the mind, things become simple.But if we fight with the mind.Let us look at it in this case.


The parent wants the child to be a musician. But he became a businessman or a professional.What does the parent actually want? Parents want the child to be happy.They want him to be successful and happy.The parent feels he will get success and happiness only if he becomes a musician. So they insist.They will try to convince him that the family has musicians so success will be easier for him here.But the bottom line is the parent wants the child to be happy, healthy and successful.Now the child has not taken up a profession of their choice.But as a parent you can still give him the same blessings of happiness, health and success. Is it not?Absolutely.As a parent, if we accept it and change our frequency, our vibrations.That in whatever he has chosen now he should be successful.Not just in words but in thoughts.But if the parent creates a thought – why is he doing this, he should not take up this profession. What will he gain from it?And if they compare and say – if he had become a musician he could have done this. Now what will he do?So what is the vibration doing – blocking his success.Because our vibration is influencing that soul.So whatever he will work on, will have an influence of these vibrations.There is so much burden on the child also. Sometimes I see that the parent wanted to be an actor.


So since childhood, that kid is made to wear dresses and accessories like an actor or actress. The parents so confident that the child will grow up to become one. This puts pressure on the child.The child worries about not being able to become an actor.Look at the word pressure. Inspiring or motivating the child is different.I feel that is a big need of all this knowledge. I have seen people being under pressure for everything.A lady says she is wants a son because her mother in law wants a grandson.Another parent asks his child to become a doctor because he has a huge hospital to be run.One child is told to become an actor, and another a businessman.The child is in another country but the parent wants him to run his factory in their native.There is so much pressure in the world when it comes to career or profession.A parent’s role is to give advice. They should never stop it.Constantly guiding the child and motivating him about what is right for him, is also a parent’s role.But if the child decides to do something else, blessing the child constantly with their thoughts is the biggest responsibility of the parents.And then we can support him in every aspect.You know what? Most of us do all this.And as you said, we will say it in words. We will anyway do everything outside.To help him and support him in whatever he does. But it is all being done with the sense of helplessness within, as you mentioned.When they do it out of helplessness and not acceptance.Yes when they say – I wanted him to do it but now that he is refused, what else to do? Let me support him anyway.And then constantly on the journey, they should not create fear or insecurity about the child’s choice.Unhappy or fear of how things will turn out.And every time creating a regret – that the other profession would have been better for him.And suppose something wrong happens they say – did I not warn you earlier?None of these vibrations are blessings.Suppose the child fails then the parent immediately says – we told you not to go for it. Now you have to suffer the consequence.But at that time we need to remember that we have a huge role in his failure.Yes, I have not thought of this.We had a very big role in his failure.


Our curse.We have been cursing him.Yes.I have seen parentsA girl married somebody against her parents’ wishes.And somebody was praying that the couple get separated so that he understands he is not good.Then I will get her married elsewhere.But right now I will get her separated, no matter what.Can we see the thoughts here?The authority that only he is right and his way needs to be followed.One is that she has already got married, so bless her.We give blessings that their relationship should be beautiful.But the other is to create such negative thoughts that you shared.While creating negative thoughts do not realize that we are giving somebody the opposite of blessings.That is why we need to check our thoughts.We can see our blessings, but we do not see the opposite of blessings which we give.Worry, anxiety, fear or insecurity about the child.All these are the opposite of blessings.I understood one thing very clearly today and liked it.That I think so much. But do I think about what exactly I think?Beautiful.What am I thinking and what am I carrying in my luggage?


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