Tesla launches its full self-driving subscriptions for $199 per month

Tesla launches its full self-driving subscriptions for $199 per month

New Delhi. Tesla has launched its advanced driver assistant software Full Self Driving for some customers. The company has offered its membership an option of $199 a month. Earlier, the company was charging an advance payment of 10,000 dollars. Tesla had earlier said that the subscription service has to generate revenue and give customers the features that provide lane changing and parking assistants on the highway. But the U.S. electric carmaker reiterated saturday that existing facilities “do not make the vehicle autonomous,” because a fully attentive driver with a hand on the steering is required. … FSD Capacity Subscription is currently available for the US. “Tesla said on its website that it will have to check on its Tesla app for updates on availability in other areas.


Membership service will generate revenue for the company

Tesla CFO Zachari Kirhokorn said in April that its planning membership will generate revenue for the service company, although “there may be a time period in which the amount decreases in the near term. During an earning suo-day call in April, he said, “If … we are not able to do that, we will be able to do so.” If you look at the number of customers who have not purchased FSD on endwas or lease and may want to experiment with FSD, this is a great option for them. Tesla said the subscription service is available in vehicles equipped with full self-driving computer 3.0 or later versions. It told customers that upgrading to new hardware would cost $1,500

Robotaxis will be available without any human driver

Tesla Chief Executive Alan Musk predicted in 2019 that robotaxis would be available in some U.S. markets in 2020 without a human driver. In March, Tesla told a California regulator that it could not achieve full self-driving technology until the end of this year, and that “full self-driving” is a SAE Level 2 system, meaning it has driver support and does not have autonomy, and requires constant inspection by a attentive driver. Tesla has come under federal scrutiny whether it names its technology misleading. Tesla is using select customers to test its new semi-autonomous driving software on city roads and last week released “FSD Beta V9” for limited customers.



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