SMJ 2 trailer: except love, John Abraham is doing everything you can’t think of

SMJ 2 trailer: except love, John Abraham is doing everything you can’t think of
John Abraham’s Satyameva Jayate 2 will be released on November 25 this month. The film is directed by Milap Javeri.

One thing is clear after watching both the trailers that have come so far for Satyamev Jayate 2, adorned with John Abraham’s triple role. Satyameva Jayate 2 has as much masala as you can in a movie. Action-stunts, dialogues with tremendous sher-o-shayari, number one Nora Fatehi’s item dance. The khichdi of Satyamev Jayate 2 trailer contains a variety of ingredients and a tempering of all kinds of spices. There is tricolor, there is farm, there is farmer, there is Assembly. Abla nari is also a Muslim for Ganga Jamuni identity. The police are all-the leader. All in their respective colors. Corruption and honesty too.

SMJ 2 trailer: except love, John Abraham is doing everything you can't think of
SMJ 2 trailer: except love, John Abraham is doing everything you can’t think of

If a John’s face is removed from the film, B grade films from the 90’s will be remembered. In many movies, baddies have been seen testing the body of naked body actors. But in the test, the woodpeckers always fly away, but Superman doesn’t do it until oops. Hero reminds Abla woman that ” you are an Indian woman . Kill it ” and she kills. Hero’s trust is like a Bali who takes villain’s strength “Har” in front of the woman. The level of rhyme in Satyameva Jayate’s dialogues is high. Dialogues-look like slogans. Like, look at this – ” Naam your mine is a terrorist family.”The whole of this rhythmic dialogue is musical fromage itself.


John Abraham in SMJ 2 is playing the triple role.

The story of the film coming under Milap Javeri’s direction is more transparent than a glass can be as clear as it is. The story is of two brothers whose father was a working farmer. He lives on principles. The Twin is the son. Both honest and brave. It is not wrong to say that the family belongs to the honest patriotic brave. What happened to the father – and the story of the childhood of the two brothers remains to be seen in reality. It could be anything. But it’s not that we don’t show up in our movies. Among the other twin brothers, one is a police officer and the other is a leader. Both are prone to corruption and wrong things. You are doing more than what is happening on your front. At the intersection, a cop uniform and then put it with a four-four, five-five rogues tanned Bollywood movies in the modern history of modest doesn’t matter.

The leader in the twin brother thought that politics would change things. Perhaps it looks like it if not your level takes the lead in the elimination of things. It is worth listening to his cry – ” corruption will disappear or the blood of a cheater will flow.”The leader in Milap Javeri’s film is the Robinhood of Aam Aadmi. So Saab, the common man of Robinho identity candid honest the blood of the excuses begin. But apart from the legal way, he gets the responsibility to stop the police officer. Both brothers are right in their place and between them begins rust. People who hate traffic constables ‘ frauds, urban girls who are in trouble in public places and all the unscrupulous politicians who have ever thought of doing what they can do but cannot do-believe it, the common man’s Robinhood in the trailer seems to be doing all that. What else should.

Trailer can see below:-

The trailer of the brothers ‘ war against dishonest people does not show heroine. I may not have noticed. What is their job here anyway. Nora Fatehi, whose work was – “Kuzu-Kuzu” are seen doing. The whole story of the rest I know is not OK to recite here. Yes, the makers of Satyameva Jayate 2 will definitely be given shabasi for their honesty. He did not keep much of anything hidden. The trailer of his film is like an open book from which to look at the pages upside down. And stop where to mind. The reader will feel that the book is starting from there. Milap Javeri should give 100 numbers in full 100 for this thing at least after watching the trailer.

Don’t take this comment seriously on the Satyamev Jayate 2 trailer. But believe one thing. This film will communicate better than the audience it is targeting can be claimed.


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