Saira Bano’s tweet comes amid rumours of Bollywood News Dilip Kumar’s death, appeals to fans

Bollywood News Dilip Kumar false death rumors saira banu says dont believe in death rumors | Saira Bano’s tweet comes amid rumours of Dilip Kumar’s death, appeals to fans

New Delhi: Veteran Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar (Dilip Kumar) has been admitted to the hospital. This information was shared from his Twitter handle himself. Their fans were upset by this news. Meanwhile, rumours of Dilip Kumar’s death made the fans beat faster. Such untold news had started pouring in on WhatsApp. Saira Bano (Saira Banu) issued a statement not only addressing the concerns of the people but also giving a instruction to the people.

Saira instructs people

A health update was shared from Dilip Kumar ‘s (Dilip Kumar Tweet) Twitter handle. The tweet read, ‘Don’t believe WhatsApp’s forward messages. Dilip Saheb’s condition is stable. Thank you for your prayers and prayers. According to doctors, he will be home in two or three days.’ Fans have heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the message.

Hospitalised on Sunday

Earlier, from Dilip Kumar’s (Dilip Kumar Twitter) Twitter handle, Saira Bano (Saira Banu) tweeted, ‘Dilip Saheb has been admitted to Non Covid PD Hinduja Hospital for routine checkup. He had difficulty breathing for the past several days. Dr Nitin Gokhale’s team is taking care of him at Hinduja Hospital. Pray for sir and you too should be safe.’

Dilip Kumar is struggling with this problem

Tell me, according to Viral Bhiyani’s Instagram post, Dilip Kumar (Dilip Kumar) is battling biliteral plyural efusion (Bilateral Pleural Effusion). According to it their lungs have been filled with water. Doctors currently say he is not on ventilator yet. At the same time, they have not been kept in the ICU. At the same time doctors said his condition is fine right now.

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