PUBG kis desh ka game hai

Who owns PUBG Game is this game of which country

Today we are going to tell you who owns the PUBG Game and which country is the game PUBG. The game has become so popular today that almost all gamers in the world know about PUBG. Whether it is PC or mobile, this game is being played the most in every platform. Let me tell you that the game was launched in 2017 and broke several records in its gaming game after its launch. In mobile, it’s still the No.1 shooting game. Earlier the game was launched PC and XBOX platform but in view of its popularity it was also launched for mobile.


Although the game has become popular for many reasons, one of the highlights is that anything can happen at any point of time. Which attracts people to itself. In this game you can talk to other players live. In that case, it doesn’t let you feel boring. Also it requires good gaming skills and luck to win this game. We are talking about luck because another player can get you out of the game at any time.


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Who owns the PUBG Game

First of all, you know about the maker of it, which will give you an idea of its owner. So the game has been created by ireland’s Brendan Greene and his team together. The creator of this game has been looking to play battle royale and shooting games from the very beginning. When he came to his college days, he made a career in gaming.


At the beginning of his career, Brendan Greene worked in a game called Arma 3. He then got a chance to work in Sony’s Game King of the Kill. In view of his work with Sony for a few years, he received a mail from south Korean company Bluhole Studios.

The mail stated that the Bluhole team wants to form a PUBG Game with Brendan Greene. In view of a good opportunity, Brendan Greene decided to go to South Korea and formed a PUBG with a team of companies like Lightspeed & Quantum, Krafton (Bluhole), PUBG Corporation.

So this is how the game is a developer Lightspeed, Quantum, Krafton, PUBG Corporation company. While its publishers are Tencent Games (China) and VNG Game Publishing. Brendan Greene has worked as a director and designer in the game.

When it comes to the PUBG owner, the producer, Chang han Kim owns it. At the same time, you can also consider the main man who made it, Brendan Greene, as its owner.


Whatever money has been spent on making this game has been invested by the Chang han Kim and it has become a profitable deal for them as PUBG Game is now giving them crores of rupees. Tell me that the company that manufactures it belongs to South Korea.

So now you must have known who owns the PUBG Game PUBG which country’s game it is. It is not true that many people have confusion that it is a Chinese game. Tell me it was built by a South Korean company. In which the Branden Greene of Ireland have helped them. However, the mobile publisher who Tencent Games is a Chinese company. Recently, when asked about the full form of the game in KBC, tell you that the Full Form Player Unknown of PUBG is s Battle grounds.


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