PM Modi’s security lapse in Punjab: Kangana Ranaut

Congress leader Kangana Ranaut on Sunday said that PM Modi’s security lapse in Punjab is shameful and democracy is attacked, the actress is also a victim of a rowdy mob
Former BJP MP and actor Paresh Rawal wrote on Twitter, ” PM Narendra Modi’s lapse in security is totally unacceptable, unforgivable and puzzling. Needless to say, he will emerge stronger, popular and determined.”

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has described the incident of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security as shameful and an attack on democracy. “What happened in Punjab is embarrassing. The respected prime minister is a democratically elected leader/Representative and a voice of 140 crore people. An attack on them means an attack on every citizen of the country. It is also an attack on our democracy. Punjab is becoming a haven for terror activities. If we do not stop it now, the country will have to pay a heavy price. Along with this, Kangana wrote the hashtag – ” Bharat stand with Modi ji.”



Actor Anupam Kher also expressed concern over the incident. He tweeted, ” the mess that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has had with security today was regrettable and embarrassing for the Punjab police and the government. The hatred of some people towards the Prime Minister of the country in this case is a sign of his cowardice. But remember – jako rakhe saiyya, kill me na koi!”

Filmmaker Ashok Pandit targeted Congress for the lapse, writing, ” Congress lost two prime ministers because of supporting terrorism, yet did not learn a lesson. Punjab is sadly moving towards the same conditions.”


It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was going to address a rally in Firozpur, Punjab on Wednesday (5 January 2022), but it was cancelled due to major defaults in the security system. According to the Home Ministry, when the Prime Minister’s convoy reached the flyover about 30 km from the National Martyrs Memorial in husainiwala, Punjab, it was found that some protesters had blocked the road. The prime minister remained stuck on the flyover for about 15-20 minutes. Then come back.

Kangana Ranaut has also fallen victim to a crowd of ‘protestors’ some time ago. In Boonga Sahib, kiirtpur Sahib, Punjab, farmers had besieged Kangana’s car and attacked it. He had informed it through social media and also showed live videos. He had reported that the so-called farmers stopped and attacked his car despite having a large number of police on the spot.


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