PM Modi Yojana 2021: PM Narendra Modi schemes list | PM Modi government schemes list

PM Modi Yojana 2021: PM Narendra Modi schemes list | PM Modi government schemes list



PM Modi Yojana 2021 | PM Modi Yojana List | PM Modi government Yojana list | PM Modi Yojana Apply Online / PM Modi Scheme


Information about PM Modi Yojana 2021, Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi schemes, various schemes in the list of Pradhan Mantri Yojana, objectives of PM Modi Yojana, eligibility criteria for PM Modi Scheme will be provided in this article. Through this scheme, the benefits of welfare schemes of all kinds are being transmitted by the government of India to all eligible beneficiaries of the country, so that citizens of the country can avail these schemes and spend their lives in a proper manner. We know that after Narendra Modi ji became prime minister in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has launched several schemes in the interest of the citizens of the country. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi schemes have proved to be very beneficial for the citizens of the country, as the economically weaker citizens have received considerable financial assistance, which is not causing them much trouble in living their lives.

Atmanirbhar Bharat Rojgar Yojana
Operation Green scheme
Matsya SAMPADA scheme
Trust Scheme from the dispute
Pm Vani scheme
Production linked incentive scheme
Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana
Ayushman Sahakar scheme
Ownership scheme
PM Modi Health ID card
Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (rural & urban)
Ayushman Bharat scheme
Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana
Maternity Vandana scheme
National Education Policy scheme
Antyodaya Ann Yojana
Side plan
Prime Minister Skill Development Scheme
Pm Kisan Honor Fund Scheme
Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana
Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana
Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana
Pradhan Mantri Dhan Laxmi Yojana
Free solar panel scheme
Prime Minister’s Shram Yogi and plan
PM Modi Yojana 2021
Schemes launched for farmers
Schemes launched for the youth of the country
Pm pension schemes
Schemes launched for women
Schemes launched for the poor
PM Narendra Modi schemes

Many different welfare schemes have been launched by the Prime Minister of our country, Narendra Modi ji. The main objective of running the Pradhan Mantri Yojana is to empower different sections of the country, make it self-reliant and provide benefits of the Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi Yojana to different sections of the country. Today, in this article, we are going to provide you with detailed information about all the welfare schemes under Modi scheme in the country. Prime minister Narendra Modi has launched several schemes to provide houses to the economically weaker sections of the country. In our country, financial assistance in the form of pension has been provided to senior citizens through PM Modi Yojana, so that senior citizens will not face financial difficulties in living the rest of their lives.

Pm Modi Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Kisan manadhan Yojana 2021

Schemes launched by Modi government

From time to time various welfare schemes have been launched in the national interest by the Prime Minister of the country Shri Narendra Modi. 2014 many different types of PM Modi Scheme have been launched by the Modi government in the year 2019 keeping in mind the essential needs of the lower class, economically weaker class, backward class and middle class, so that no citizen of the country has to deal with any kind of troubles.

Highlights of PM Modi Yojana

योजना का नाम PM Modi Yojana
विभाग Different Ministry
किसके द्वारा की गई प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी
योजना का प्रकार Central Govt Scheme
लाभार्थी देश के नागरिक
आवेदन का प्रकार Online/Offline
उद्देश्य अच्छी सुविधा प्रदान करना

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

We know that our coronavirus is the reason the economy is suffering in the world.’ Where can I find such a place in the world where I live? – – – – – – – – – – – where can I find it? – – – – – – – – – – – It is one of the most difficult places for unemployed people in the country, for some reason they are under the influence of our livelihood. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Before starting the project, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will continue his work. the Prime Minister ‘ s purpose is to ensure that the citizens of the country are caught in every issue of lies and inaccuracies, particularly in the rest of the world in the light of the fact that the Please be able to provide better employment, self-worth alternatives for the life of the central government In order to achieve each objective, please ensure that the PM MODI YOJANA applies by government

Other government schemes :-

PM Free WIFI Scheme
Home > farmer scheme
Southern Water Commission
Self employment scheme in India

India ‘ s self-help project starts on 12th November 2020 by Minister of Finance Minister Nirmala sivala: Job is expected to improve employment in India from covid-19 years Of India ‘ s self employment scheme, government provides finance to all the municipalities that will create The main purpose of this scheme is to encourage employment Promote self employment through self employment scheme in India Through it Scheme, for loag Corona period because of employment in it, they can obtain employment from asanani…

Ulaanbaatar hot for Ulrika in Operation Green scheme by government of India under Prime Minister scheme Operation Green scheme to be developed by Ministry of Food Processing Industries of Govt. of India The fair value for fruits and vegetables by the government of this scheme is implemented by the website of the state The government has decided to limit 500 rupees for the sake of the consumer. – Operation greener of flowers and fruits with support of plants and thorns. (laughter) Research shows how to save money by using technology to save jobs

Fisheries plan

We know that the government has planned for 2022 to ensure that it is close to each other ‘ s efforts in the future, so that the government can take care of it and make some efforts to ensure that we care about it. The purpose of Fisheries Development is to increase the value of fisheries in the state.’ How many people give birth to a good cause The government will determine the budget of Rs 2,0000 for loan disbursed loan.] I will continue to train the seas and rivers for this purpose in my life.’

Conflict se trust plans

Let us start a struggle by governments for different tax issues. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ All appeal by land income tax department & taxpayer Conflict-se-trust schemes appeal to a high platform by the Department of income tax department in India Indian Revenue 45855 M8 Draft of 72,780 crore by Ministry of Agriculture…

MMRDA plan

By central government, the PM Speech Scheme under the PM MODI SCHEME That is why we provide services to all the public, including municipal, private sector, cities and towns: Search by site The peace revolution in Yemen from the PM Speech scheme That will give you the opportunity to do business and give you the opportunity to earn a living Find a public data centre in the country emphasis on the completion of the PM Declaration Scheme Why we provide y-fare facility to all citizens of India through jeeka media…

Product linked incentive plan

District 11th November 2020 Kozhikode Gaikwad Vinayak Gaikwad (Jivan) 10 other key fields in product linked promotion scheme include ginning, Auto Show, automobile includedProduction unit building plan He would also improve the economy of the country.’ Determining the budget of Rs 1,45,980 for the production unit linked promotion plan by the government is what

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department

Prime Minister Kusum region of Kisan Nagaraja / Rajapur railway station / Nagpur Powered by solar pump in the medium of agricultural pumps. learn how to do this synchrase for farmers The ER by the government has plans for a 2022 now. July 30.8 what aims to achieve the GW of GW The budget specified for Rs 34,035 by the government for the successful implementation of Prime Minister kucum scheme How to use solar system in a few ways, from a single window, from grid to grid, solar power and other renewable energy system in a few cities, such as gimzo and Suhas…

Designed for life expectancy

Establish, promote, develop, extend, extend, extend, extend, extend life saving scheme in areas of Health In addition, we will ensure that 10 million loans will be disbursed to the health facilities of our joint committees, and Strengthening program of community government medical care (ICFR) to give assistance to medical college and hospital room

Membership & donations

Distribution of assets to households in rural areas: Create a chart of the individual property of the students from all rural areas, from one side to the other, from the four rural areas to the next: This scheme is a scheme by our country ‘ s Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi to start 11 actaub 2020 Think about it now: 62 lakh kilometers / half of what is on the left / right corner of the city — Digital description of property, such as disputes or vices. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The arc of new land of the Gavan by the Department of Tahat rajwah Department of Agriculture jointly Kia jaaag…

PM Modi health insurance card

74 day on Independence Day at hamare country K Pradhan Minister Shri Narendra Modi announces the PM Modi Health ID card key by PM Modi Uttar Pradesh Medical award PM Modi Health ID card The need of Aadhaar card is not working in such a way and through the means of it card, the only way in which the patient can be a physical repository of the existing database of Region Health ID card in Marathi followed medical Award store kaya jaegahara National Digital Health Mission by Govt. of India…

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Prime Minister poor welfare food scheme

PM poor welfare food scheme (a) through the country, 80 billion poor people from any 5 billions of poor people in the country will make available Isuzu hamare country Hon ‘ ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi declared 30 June 2020 by the Kia GAA nation. _ After the coronavirus lockdown (via) Prime Minister ‘ s poor welfare Food Programme (RSA) This scheme has been launched by government in recent 2020. _ 80 crore poor citizens of the country with 5 kg of coal per month

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (rural & urban)

In addition, we are able to provide financial support to all of the Central Government countries, all sections of the show, weaker sections, weaker sections and middle class sections of the country. this is the result of GK passes, Gauss and year 2022 and all beneficiaries of the year are under this scheme. For rural areas to cover urban areas: For more information on this scheme, please visit our official website

The India plan

For instance, we need to ensure that we can ensure peace, shelter, and ensure that we do not do so, and that various forms of awareness, too, are being provided by central government for the purpose of life purpose. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A. 5 lakh beneficiaries under health are provided by the Govt. of Maharashtra for the treatment of beneficiaries under this scheme A 1350 binarialis ‘health services’

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana

Various types of pension schemes are provided by the government under the Pradhan Mantri Yojana. All beneficiaries can secure their future by applying under Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana. Through this scheme, beneficiaries can get monthly pension after the age of 60 years. This scheme makes beneficiaries strong, self-reliant and secures their future. It is a Social Security pension scheme launched by the central government through which all beneficiaries can secure their future…

The maternity Vandana scheme launched by the central government provides financial assistance of Rs 6000 to pregnant women by the government. According to the Pradhan Mantri pregnancy assistance scheme 2019 launched by the government, this financial assistance is provided to pregnant and lactating women for the first time. The scheme will provide relief to the families of economically weaker pregnant women…

National Education Policy scheme

The central government has launched a national education policy. Under this scheme, the policy of education that takes place in schools and colleges is formulated. Under the National Education Policy, by 2030 education will be universalized from pre-secondary school with 100% GER in schooling. Under the government, many major changes have been made in education policy, which will make the education system easier and students will also not face any problems. We know that earlier the pattern of 10 + 2 was followed, but now according to the new education policy 5+3+3+4 the pattern will be followed. Which will have 12 years of schooling and 3 years of pre-schooling. The main objective of National Education Policy 2021 is to bring the education provided in India to a global level. Through this scheme the quality of Education will improve and children will be able to get good education.

Antyodaya Ann Yojana

The scheme has been launched by the central government to benefit the poor families of the country. Under this scheme, 35 kg ration will be provided by the government to Antyodaya ration card holders every month. The central government has taken another decision under the scheme that poor families as well as disabled families will also be given wheat at Rs 2 per kg and paddy at Rs 3 per kg every month under the scheme. Antyodaya Ann Yojana is mainly reserved for poor families in urban and rural areas, and the benefits of this scheme will be provided only to these poor families. Union Minister Ramvilas Paswan Ji says that the accountability of Antyodaya Ann Yojana ration card and priority Parivar ration card will be on the state government. Poor families will not need to buy expensive food from any other store through this scheme…

Side plan

The scheme has been launched by the central government to start its work from street street vendors and small street vendors (small street vendors). Under this self-financing scheme, the central government will provide loans of up to Rs 10,000 to street vendors and small street vendors (small street vendors) to start their own work. The loan taken by the government will have to be returned in installment within one year of the road tracks. More than 50 lakh people including vendors, Selfers, handlers, hawkers, hawkers, cold fruits etc. will be benefited from this scheme under street vendor self-reliant fund. Interested beneficiaries of the country who wish to avail the swanidhi scheme can apply online by visiting the official website of the scheme. Through this loan being given by the Government, young people can start their own business

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Prime Minister Skill Development Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana has been launched for the youth of our country. Under this scheme, the youth of the country are trained in skills related to industries to help them get employment in the future. The fee for training under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana is paid by the government. Under this scheme training is imparted in about 40 technical areas like construction, electronics & hardware, food processing, furniture fittings, handicrafts & jewellery and leather technology….. Read further

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Pm Kisan Honor Fund Scheme

The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme has been launched for small and marginal farmers of our country, under this scheme, farmers of a country with 2 hectares of arable land will be provided financial assistance of Rs 6000 annually. This amount will be transferred in three modes by the government through the director bank transfer mode, and after amending the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme now all the farmers of the country who own one hectare 2 hectare 3 hectare 4 hectare 5 hectare etc. can apply under this scheme

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) has been launched for small businesses of our country. Under this scheme, a person who wants to start his own business or pursue his business will be provided loans ranging from a minimum of Rs 50000 to a maximum of Rs 10 lakhs to grow his business under Mudra Loan Scheme. Will be done. Under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Scheme, the government wants to ensure that proper credit facility is given to the traders so that they can start their own business and become self-reliant

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Yojana has been launched by the central government to start own business to the unemployed youth of our country and under the Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Yojana the unemployed youth of the country will be paraded loan on behalf of the government at a low interest rate, so that all of them can start their own employment and business. 2 lakh and the age of the beneficiary should be from 18 to 35 years, only then will you be able to start your own employment and business under this scheme

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana

It is a term insurance plan scheme launched by the central government. Under this scheme, if a policyholder dies, his family will be provided Rs 2 lakh. The main objective of this scheme is to provide people with protection from risk. Under Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, if a person remains fit even after completion of the policy, he / she will not be given any benefit under this policy. The minimum age of a person to apply for this scheme is 18 years and maximum age is 50 years and its maturity period is 55 years

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Pradhan Mantri Dhan Laxmi Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Dhan Laxmi Yojana has been launched to make women of our country self-reliant and empowered. Under this scheme, women who want to start their employment and business will be provided a loan of Rs 5 lakh by the government. And whatever interest this scheme will have will be borne by the government. All the women of the country who want to run their home will be provided a loan of up to Rs 5 lakh as financial assistance

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Free solar panel scheme

Solar panel scheme has been launched for the farmers of our country, under this scheme, solar panel powered irrigation pumps will be provided to the farmers of the country to irrigate the fields so that they can easily cultivate and increase their income. With the help of free solar panels provided under this scheme, farmers can also provide income of Rs 6,000 per month by generating electricity in the field, because after generating electricity from solar panels, farmers can sell this electricity to different companies and get a means of income per month. Under this scheme, the government has set a budget of Rs 10 crore for a period of 48000 years

PM Modi Yojana 2021 Prime Minister’s Shram Yogi and plan

Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi manadhan Yojana has been launched in our country to benefit drivers, plumbers, Cobblers, tailors, rickshaw drivers, Dhobi and agricultural labourers. ₹3000 will be provided as minimum pension under this scheme. If the beneficiary dies during the pension granted under Prime Minister Shram Yogi, 50 per cent of the pension amount will be provided to his / her life partner


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