Nusrat is dating Yash Dasgupta where pregnant husband Nikhil doesn’t know

nusrat jahan nikhil jain yash dasgupta: is tmc mp nusrat jahan dating yash dasgupta and husband nikhil jain is unaware about her pregnancy: Nusrat is dating Yash Dasgupta where pregnant husband Nikhil is not aware

Nusrat Jahan, a Trinamool Congress MP and a Bengali actress, is always in the news. Nusrat Jahan, who has been in the news for a successful career in films, winning elections and marrying Nikhil Jain to another religion, is now in the news for other reasons. In fact, some reports are claiming that Nusrat Jahan is 6 months pregnant and her husband Nikhil Jain has no information about the pregnancy. It is also claimed that Nusrat and Nikhil’s marriage is on the verge of breaking up.
There has been no response from Nusrat
These reports about Nusrat Jahan came to a head when some reports speculated that she was pregnant. Although neither Nusrat nor his team has confirmed the news yet, there has been a lot of discussion on social media. It has also been reported in many Bengali news outlets that Nusrat Jain’s husband Nikhil Jain has no information about it.
Nikhil refuses to accept the child as his own?
According to a report by ABP Anand, Nikhil Jain has said that their marriage is on the verge of collapse. He has not been living with Nusrat Jahan for the last 6 months and in such a situation, even if Nusrat is pregnant, this child Nikhil has refused to accept her as his own. Nikhil has also said that there has been no contact between him and Nusrat for a long time.

Is Nusrat in a relationship with Yash Dasgupta?
For the past several days, there have been rumors that Nusrat Jahan is in a relationship with Bengali actor and BJP leader Yash Dasgupta. The two have been seen together on several occasions and this year’s New Year was also celebrated together in Rajasthan. However, apart from Nusrat, neither Nikhil nor Yash Dasgupta has made any statement on the issue.

Nusrat made headlines after marriage
Tell us that Nusrat Jahan married her boyfriend businessman Nikhil Jain on June 19, 2019. Nusrat and Nikhil were married to Hindu, Islam and Christian customs. She was also widely criticised by Muslim fundamentalists for installing Nusrat Jahan vermilion after marriage and joining Durga Puja to which Nusrat gave a befitting reply.


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