Nisha Rawal’s big revelation: Karan Mehra’s affair with another girl was still silent due to child

Nisha Rawal On Karan Mehra Extra Marital Affair: nisha rawal shocking revelation about husband karan mehra says he is having an extra marital affair and been constantly abusing me since years- Nisha Rawal’s big revelation- Karan Mehra’s affair with another girl was still silent due to child

The feud between Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal is now taking a dirty turn. Last night, Nisha Rawal lodged an FIR against her husband Karan Mehra alleging assault, after which the actor was arrested. However, a few hours later, Karan Mehra was granted bail and after that Karan Mehra had leveled several serious allegations against Nisha Rawal.

Nisha Rawal's big revelation: Karan Mehra's affair with another girl was still silent due to child

‘Karan had an affair with someone else, I was abused for years’
In this game of accusation and retaliation, now Nisha Rawal has also retaliated and made a big revelation about getting married. Talking to Bomb Times, Nisha Rawal said, “One of the charges I have leveled against Karan Mehra is domestic violence. I haven’t talked about it in so many years because I think for an actor, his career and his image are very important. With all this in mind, I have to deal with these kinds of things. There is an extra-marital affair. I am trying to save my marriage. He is not ready to take responsibility for the child and has been abusing me for so many years. Is. I have been silent for so many years, saying nothing. I have proof of that too. ‘

Nisha Rawal has been silent so far
When Nisha Rawal was asked why she took so long? Why have you remained silent so far? She said, ‘I love to do and still do. It was not easy for me to file an FIR against him. He apologizes every time and says it won’t happen again. I would forgive him every time. But I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. I have to speak the truth and stand with me for all the nights that have gone through this hell like me. ‘

‘Look at the text messages I sent to the girl to do’
Nisha Rawal claimed that her husband Karan Mehra was having an affair with someone else. “I have found out that Karan has been having an affair with another woman for the last few months,” she said. I also saw text messages sent to that girl. Even so, I made up my mind to sit down with him and talk about it. I have never behaved like a woman who would tear her husband to pieces if she searched for such things. I told Karan that it would be fine if he did not want to continue our relationship. ‘


‘If things don’t work out, I said they would break up’
Nisha further said, “I went to Karan’s parents in Noida again. My mother found out about it a few weeks ago. I kept it a secret from my family and friends because I wanted to save my marriage. When my mother found out that something was wrong with our marriage, I told her that if I wanted to, I wanted to save my marriage. But when Karan continued to behave like this, I told him a month ago that it would be better to separate if he wanted to continue like this. Karan agrees in different ways.

Divorce preparations were underway, Nisha was looking for a job
After deciding on the issue of alimony after divorce, Nisha Rawal has been looking for a job for the last one month. About this, Nisha said, “I told Karan that we have joined together by mutual consent and then we have fixed the alimony. After that I created my resume and I have been looking for a job for the last one month. I will do anything for my child. ‘

Nisha Rawal said this on the charge of demanding huge amount of alimony
When Nisha Rawal was asked if she had demanded a huge amount of alimony from her husband Karan Mehra, which was mentioned by Karan herself, the actress replied, ‘This is for me and my child. For so many years, I knew about his case, and he was constantly abused. I ignored it because I wanted to save my marriage and I was afraid of her ‘moral’ image. For years, Karan has been financially supporting the family and taking care of everything. There are many bills that he pays himself. He also transfers money from my account. I don’t even know what my loan account numbers or my property documents are because you trust your partner. I have full faith in this relationship.

‘If I gave up something in the name of earning money, when would I leave my marriage?’
‘Finally I told her you had a love affair. You are not happy with me You don’t want to live with me, but now we have a baby. If I weren’t a mother, I would never leave this marriage, but it doesn’t happen. If Karan had left anything for me more than my earnings, I would still have left this marriage. She also sells my wedding jewelry. I don’t know where my wife is. I supported him financially. He gave me everything but he is still behaving like this and talking obscene things about my mother. ‘


Karan Mehra’s allegation – being caught in a false case
At the same time, after Karan Mehra was released on bail, Nisha Rawal alleged in an interview with Aaj Tak that she had abused her mother and father and then hit her head on the wall herself. And later said that Karan has done. Karan Mehra had also said that Nisha Rawal’s brother had attacked her. He was slapped and hit in the chest


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