Mumbai Saga Review: weak story, but amazing acting, tremendous action and dialogue

Mumbai Saga Review: weak story, but amazing acting, tremendous action and dialogue
The movie Mumbai saga will make a different experience for those who are bored at home during the corona period. John Abraham and Imram Hashmi are the fans of the film, but the action lover will also love it. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song from above is teeming with Entertainment.

The name of the country’s ‘ economic capital ‘may have changed its face from Bombay to Bombay and now Mumbai, but the’ move ‘and’ character ‘ are still the same as before. After finding explosives in unclaimed Scorpio near Mukesh Ambani’s home, Antilia case, the nexus of police, criminals, politicians and industrialists once again came to light in the ’80s and’ 90s. A similar story has been put on the screen by director Sanjay Gupta through the Mumbai Saga.

Mumbai Saga Review: weak story, but amazing acting, tremendous action and dialogue
Mumbai Saga Review: weak story, but amazing acting, tremendous action and dialogue

This is the story of the time when Mumbai was Bombay. The appearance of the city was changing. Were getting off the mill. Malls were opening. Several gangs of the underworld were simultaneously in the city, growing up and killing each other. The police were being countered to eliminate organized crime. It has gangster armatya Rao (John Abraham). Gunda is gaytonde (Amol Gupte). The encounter specialist is police inspector Vijay Savarkar (Imran Hashmi). The white collar leader is Bhau (Mahesh Manjrekar). Businessman (Samir Soni). The entire film revolves around these same characters.


Anupama Chopra: inspired by true events

The film critic Anupama Chopra writes, ‘the Mumbai saga is clearly inspired by true events. I think this is a strong story that tells in a series of ways what the city lost and found during the transition from Bombay to Mumbai. However, Sanjay Gupta is not interested in this. They have to glorify the criminals. Today you can go to the theater and watch the movie Mumbai saga. Don’t forget to wear a mask!’

Gentle Nahata: a good spice film

‘Overall, the Mumbai saga is a good masala film for the public, but it has limited appeal for class and family agencies,’ writes Komal Nahta, a well-known trade expert at the film industy. The word ‘saga’ in the title of the film spares. Because saga is not a commonly used English word. In its place the word’ narrative ‘ or story could have been used. Doing so would have been more relevant to the audience.

Pankaj Shukla: the alarm bell for Sanjay

Film journalist Pankaj Shukla says that Imran Hashmi has done an amazing job in John Abraham’s film, but Sanjay Gupta has sounded the alarm bells for himself. He writes, ‘the movie Mumbai saga is the cinema of the groove in which films like Dharmendra’s ‘jaljala’, ‘Hukumat’, ‘iron’ have been involved. Story nothing. Noise is much. Cotton can be applied to the ears. Background music has also become nothing more than noise.

Svetank Shekhar: not an extra-ordinary film

In The Lallantop, Shwetank Shekhar writes, ‘ the Mumbai saga is not a very extra-ordinary film. But its theater experience is amazing. If you’re a fan of shooting and shooting action movies, go to the cinema. If you’ve been waiting for some kind of movie for a long time, we’ll just say that your wait doesn’t end on this movie. The Mumbai saga is not much different from Sanjay Gupta’s previous films.’

Mumbai Saga Trailer…

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