Invest in SIP Mutual Fund and get Rs 10 crore to see it

Invest in SIP Mutual Fund and get Rs 10 crore to see it

New Delhi SIP i.e. Mutual Fund aka Mutual Fund is one of the most attractive investment options for SIP earners. This is considered to be the best plan for mutual fund investing. This is why many people start investing in SIPs at the very early stages of their careers. Through it, investors save a small amount each month and make a large amount for a long term. According to the Mutual Fund Return Calculator, this is possible because the investor receives long-term mixed benefits (interest and interest) in such mutual fund schemes.

How to meet the ਟੀ 10 crore investment target
According to tax and investment experts, if an investor is clear about his investment goals, the Mutual Fund SIP Calculator is the first choice he should make. This will help them to know how much SIP will be enough to meet their investment goals. If an investor turns 50, he wants Rs 10 crore? So what do we do According to the expert, “Achieving Rs 10 crore at the age of 50 is an ambitious goal and requires an investor to start investing at the age of 25 as soon as possible.


Because, the investor will not have a lump sum to invest at that time, the investor is advised to opt for Mutual Fund SIP. Investors are also advised to maintain step-up SIP investments, where one’s monthly SIP is synchronized with one’s annual. However, to achieve this highly ambitious target of Rs 100 crore at the age of 50, investors are advised to take 15 per cent annual steps in monthly SIPs instead of the traditional 10 per cent annual step-up. According to experts, investors should choose equity mutual funds as it will help them earn at least 12 percent return during the investment period.


Mutual Fund Return Calculator
Assuming a 12 per cent return on a monthly SIP for 25 years, the Mutual Fund Calculator suggests a strategy of taking 15 per cent annual steps to meet your investment target of Rs 10 crore at the age of 50, starting with a monthly SIP of Rs 15,000. Have to do. According to the Mutual Fund SIP Calculator, if the investor follows the above mentioned Mutual Fund SIP Investment Strategy, the maturity amount at the age of 50 years will be 1.19 crore.


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