Indian Railways make big News changes, now take care of code to book tickets, otherwise won’t get seat

Indian Railways make big News changes, now take care of code to book tickets, otherwise won’t get seat

New Delhi: If you are also planning to travel by train, there is essential news for you. Now you need to take care of the special code while booking a train ticket. If you don’t take care, you won’t get a seat. Indian Railways (Indian Railways) has made major changes in the booking code and coach code of seats. Tell me, Indian Railways has introduced a new type of coach in trains, which has led to this change.

Due to changes made by the Railways, passengers will easily get a seat of their choice while booking tickets. At the same time, the Railways is going to introduce vistadome coat trains on several routes across the country, which has also led to this change.

Economy class will also be included
Tell you the new coach also includes AC-3 tier economy class. Railways said that about 83 berths will be available in such coaches. The fare for these berths has not been fixed yet. Soon the fare will also be communicated by the railway department.

These coaches are very special
Tell you vistadome coach is quite special. It will be a lot of fun for passengers to travel. You can also enjoy the view outside by sitting inside this coach. The roof of this coach is made of glass. The vistadome coach currently runs from Dadar in Mumbai to Madgaon in Goa.

Tell you that those booking tickets in such coaches note that you will have to 3E booking for the economy coach of third AC. At the same time, the coach code will be M. Similarly, the code for the vistadome AC coach is kept EV. Let us tell you in detail about which code will be coded.


Check new booking code and coach code
>> Vistadome booking code V.S. and coach code AC DV
>> The Sniper’s Booking Code S.L. and Coach Code S
>> ac chaircar’s booking code C.C and coach code C
booking code of >> 3rd AC 3A and coach code B
>> ac three tier economy booking code 3E and coach code m
booking code 2A and coach code A of >> second AC
>> Garib Rath AC 3 Tier Booking Code 3A and Coach Code G
>> Garib Rath Chaircar’s Booking Code CC and Coach Code J
booking code 1A and coach code of >> first AC H
>> Executive Class Booking Code E.C and Coach Code E
booking code for >> anubhuti class E.a and coach code K
>> first class booking code F.C and coach code F
>> Vistadome AC coach code E.V and booking code E.V



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