Hulk Drawing

hulk drawing hey there today I’m going to show youhow to draw chibi Hulk so let’s startwith the face when you’re stoked theeyes we draw two big circles on eitherside starting on the Left we can go upto the top curve around to the bottomand then curve back up to the top againfrom here that’s drawing a highlight soit looks like the lights coming down inan angle so on the top left here we’regonna draw a smaller circle circle likethis and we’ll color everything elsearound it in blackokay now let’s move over to the rightside and do the exact same thing want tomake sure we try to get at the sameheight and make it the same size sostarting at the top right about herecurve around it’ll make that same sizecircle we’re gonna draw that highlighton the top left and we’ll coloreverything else in blackokay so now from here let’s draw on thefrown so he’s got some big brows thatcover over on top of the people so I’mgonna put a thing in the middle we wantto come down in the brow area to thecenter of the eyes in the middle sostarting on the left I’m gonna go to theoutside.


here I’m gonna curve around andtouch that eye and coming down I’m gonnacome up in the middle and then scoop upokay so you see that we’re gonna leave agap in the center here so starting hereon the inside on the right side willcurve around so you can see I have alittle gap here and curve up into theeye and then just curve around theoutside in the center here I’m justgonna connect these two points wellthese two curves a little curve likethat just in between for here let’s drawin the mouth so we’re gonna give him abig sort of grin and sort of frown I’mgonna make them a little bit crooked sothe chin I’m gonna draw down to here soI don’t want to bring my mouth too farokay so starting on the left up hereunderneath this I gonna curve up andthen kind of come down an angle on theright side so you see sort of slopingdown from here I’m gonna step up alittle bit on the left side and curvethe bottom of the mouth going into thatright side corner has drawn the teeth Idon’t leave the teeth sorry gritting andso I’m gonna draw – there’s of teethI’ll show you what I’m gonna be doinghere so for the top row let’s start onthe left side here I’m gonna curveacross and then just kind of let go sothe short curve and imagine this linecoming across the beginning gap in thecenter you don’t sort of continue thaton the right side over here on the leftI’m just gonna cross this almost like atee coming it down on the right side I’mgonna do the same thing but just comedown in a slight angle we’re gonna colorthose two corner boxes in blackokay so we got the teeth let’s get intothe face now the bottom of the side ofthe face I’m just gonna round out thecheeks down towards the chin so I’mgonna bring the chin pretty high up justbelow that lip so we’re gonna come up tothe side of the eyes so right in thecenter of the I’m gonna move across andI put a foot on the right I’ll do thesame things for coming across andputting a point this is gonna be myintersection between the cheeks and thenthe top part of the skull so on the lefthere I’m gonna curve around the cheeksand the jaw then come down towards myfinger right there and take this out andcurve up towards the right side hurry upand up a cheek up into that area thereokay from here it’s round out we’regonna bolt out the side of the templesup and towards the hair so on the leftside here let’s make a curve out andthen just start to come pop do the samething on the right side it’s a curvingout and then up let’s draw in some earsso up here in this little intersectionhere I’m going to step up a little bitand just draw a curve and pull that backinto the side of the head for a littleear detail and to come up here you stalkcurve going in behind that cheekdraw the same thing on the right side soI’m gonna take that and flip it over sostarting up here come around and tuckthis in behind the head and then up hereI’m just gonna throw a little hook forthe inner ear detail now let’s go up tothe hair now I’m gonna try to keep thisas simple as possible so for these twopoints I’m basically doing a series ofzigzags and waves so up in this cornerof this top here I’m gonna come down ina curve so this end the hair and it’llbe sweeping this way when that sign Iwill be sweeping this way okay so I’mhere I’m gonna curve up and then we’regonna curve down now I’m going to switchdirections I’m gonna start curving inthe opposite direction this way and thenfrom here I’m gonna make my way upacross the forehead then we’re gonnacome down with a short line and thenwe’re going to go upnow this side here we’re gonna startangling them downwards coming down up soyou can see where I’m starting toreplicate what’s happening on this sidedown and connect with that endpointright there now we’re going to theoutside of the hair

I’m going to startdown here so I’m step down a little bitand just Kurt out on this end we’ll dothe same thing that’s just curb out likethat and if take this hair all the wayup to the top of the head right abouthere I don’t want the head to be tootall so from this point and a curve nowwe’re gonna do a series of little jaggedlines and then pull this out again wecurve all the way up to the top of thehead so right like that from here let’sdraw the little crown so I’m just goingto draw a little curve out and pull thisback in so this is where the part isthen curve up in the opposite directionand then come back down from here all Iwant to do is just bring them right intothe side of that hair like that okay sowe got the head let’s get into the bodythe first thing I’m going to do is startwith a chest the big muscles in thechest area so in the center of the faceright here

I’m going to draw the centerof the chest with a straight line fromhere gonna Kurt out the two chestmuscles so from this side a little curveright into that bottom part of that linelike that and on the right I’m doing theexact same things the mirror version onthe left like so let’s draw the bellydown to the waist now the waist I wanthim to be pretty small so from here justunder this chest I’m gonna round out thesides of the hip a little bit pudgy fromthese two ends I’m gonna connect themwith a curve goes up now a lot of us andtry to draw the torn edge of the pantsso from this corner where the bellymeets the waist they curve out to curveout on the right side as well now we’rejust gonna go across here with a seriesa little zigzag so just kind of bentzigzags on the left and then we’re gonnastart straightening out into more like adouble use in the middle and then hereas we get to the workswe’re just gonna bend them again minutesway from here let’s draw the legs sobring the feet down to about here sowhat we’re gonna do is gonna start inthe middle with the lower torso sostraight line across the middle from theleft side I’m just gonna step in anddraw a curve down towards the heel onthe right I’ll step in and draw curvedown towards the heel now let’s get intothe bottom of the feet so from thispoint I want to round up the heel okayso we’re gonna take this line and Kurtup towards the first toe so it’sbasically a curve that looks like thatfrom the toe I’m gonna take a c-shapeI’m doing overlap so I’m gonna draw inanother see I’ll hide it and then we’lldrop one more just behind there now forthe top of the foot and it’s startingbetween that second and third toe justdraw a curve going up now for thiswaistline I can’t want to come down hereand draw a curve in to the foot I likethat and from here I’m just gonna drawlike I did here I’m just a series ofzigzags to show the torn pant edge justtake that foot and draw the exact samething on the right side so I’m gonnaround up a heel now I want to make sureI get the foot so the right the samewidth okay so we got the same heel arealet’s get into the toe so we’re goingbackwards see for the total will doanother overlap behind it and then onemore time here I’m going to take thatCenter in between those two toes andjust curve up and in towards the leg uphere right below the waist line it’sgonna curve right into that foot andthen we’ll draw in that torn edge on thepad with just the series of zigzagsacross okay now let’s get into the armsI’m gonna have them posed out with twofists like this so let’s start with theleft we’re gonna have to draw the armiesin or the hand is in first before wedraw the arms because they getoverlapped on top of the arm so here I’mgonna draw the fist so what I’m gonna dois make them quite big I’m gonna startwith a thumb so draw an oval ingiggle this way starting at the top ofthe thumb make curving to the bottomfrom here I’m going to draw the firstfinger let me start the top of this ovalfor the thumb now to curve and bringthis right back and toward the thumb andthen just kind of swirl it around it’salmost like a little swirl like thatokay so that’s the first finger comingdown here and just draw it over lefthole in behind let me go up here againand do the exact same thing I’m gonnacome down to here and we’re just goingto draw in the palm of a hand go rightinto that thumb who here let’s draw thearm so I’m going to start up hereunderneath this jaw and just draw asimple curve going right into that armover here gonna start at the palm of thehand and just cur that right in behindthe body its teeth a exact same thingand draw on the right side.

so I want tomake sure I have a single size sameheight right here so let’s start withthe thumb right about here let’s startat the top and round out like so I’mgoing to take this thumb from here andwe’re going to curl around to the firstfinger coming around and towards thethumb and then back up again let’s takethis jaw second finger in here justtucked in behind that first finger andthen again we’ll draw a third one rightbeside it and we draw that column lineright here so starting at the tip ofthis thumbcurl around and tuck this in behind thatthird finger going up towards theshoulder take this point curve rightinto that arm and then down here justbelow the chest and curve into there andthat’s pretty much itthere we have it there’s chibi Hulk Ihope you enjoyed this lesson please giveus a like and make sure you check outour Cheney playlist I got morecharacters on the ending every weekthanks for watching and we’ll see youagain soonyou


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