Happy birthday Bihari Babu: Jharia SE had special attachment, this film made for this reason

Shatrughan Sinha, known as Bihari Babu, has a special love for Dhanbad. After coming into politics, he has been coming here to preach in every election. However, he has been attached to Dhanbad-Jharia.


Happy birthday Bihari Babu: Jharia SE had special attachment, this film made for this reason
Happy birthday Bihari Babu: Jharia SE had special attachment, this film made for this reason

Govind Nath Sharma, Jharia. The film actor and former Union Minister Shatrughan Sinha, known as Bihari Babu, is celebrating his 9th birthday on Thursday, December 76. Born on 9 December 1945 in Patna, Bihar, Shatrughan Sinha started his career with the 1969 film ‘pyaar hi pyaar’. He has won the hearts of people with his acting in many superhit films. He had a spiritual attachment to Dhanbad and Jharia. Due to this attachment, he made the film ‘Kalka’ based on Dhanbad’s story as part of his home production. His cousin lived in Sindri. This is why they used to come and go here. After coming to Jharia as part of a national campaign two decades ago, he had entertained the people with his famous dialogue silosh. The memories associated with Shatrughan Sinha two decades ago are still fresh in the lives of the elderly people of Jharia.








Shatrughan shot his Kalka film at Dhansar Colliery

Shatrughan Sinha shot his Kalka film based on the coal mine accident in 1982 and the exploitation of workers in Dhanbad in 1982 at Dhansar Colliery. The Kalka film was produced by Shatrughan Sinha under the banner of his home production Ramayana Chitra combines. The directors were loksen Lalwani and musicians Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh. Apart from Shatrughan Sinha, Raj Babbar, Amjad Khan, Rameshwari, Sarika, Mazhar Khan, Arun Govil, Ranjit were in the lead roles in the film. The cast of the film shot in Dhansar for several days. The film was released in 1983





Shatrughan Sinha also visited Deshbandhu, the oldest cinema hall in Jharia

Gopal Agarwal, 76, the owner of Deshbandhu, the oldest cinema hall in Jharia, recalled the old days that Jharia had come to raise donations under Shatrughan Sinha national campaign about 25 years ago. During this time, in just an hour, the people of Jharia gave him about 20 thousand rupees. He was very fond of her. After this, Shatrughan Sinha came to the gallery outside the cinema hall and shook hands and greeted the people. During this time, he had entertained people with his silences and other dialogues. Mahendra bhagania and Ganga Sharan Sharma of Jharia said that a crowd of people had gathered to see him from Bata turn to number four when Shatrughan Sinha arrived. The main road was jammed by an hour. They stayed in zharia for about two hours.







Shatrughan Sinha to come to Sindri resident teacher Sister in Raksha Bandhan

Bollywood veteran Shatrughan Sinha’s cousin Annapurna Sinha lived in Sindri for years. Annapurna was the principal of the Rajendra Girls High School here. At the time of Rakshabandhan two decades ago, Shatrughan Sinha came to his sister and tied rakhi several times. Even in between, Shatrughan Sinha kept coming to Sindri. In the election campaign of the BJP candidate Phoolchand Mandal of Sindri Vidhan Sabha, he met as star campaigner at Nehru Maidan here. Shatrughan Sinha had won the hearts of the people of Sindri with his dialogue during the gathering.


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