Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Returns Home With Virat?

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Returns Home With Virat? Bhavani asked Pakhi to call her to the hospital and find out when Virat was getting leave. Ashwini goes in with Mohit and says there is no need for Virat to return home. Mohit calls the entire family, and Ashwini informed that Virat has been discharged from the hospital. Ninad and Sonali say it is good news. Ashwini asked Mohit to serve sweets to everyone. Bhavani says mastmasta she had brought sweets to celebrate her son’s return home. Ashwini says her double celebration as her daughter-in-law is also returning home with her son. Bhavani and her puppets were shocked to hear.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Sonali screams whether she is celebrating for a daughter-in-law who ruined the dignity of the family and refused to return home with Virat. Ashwini says that they can’t understand the story of a book by reading just 2-3 pages, whatever Sai did was not her fault, no matter what her past was and they can’t repeat it, she saw happiness on her son’s face after a long time because of Sai. Why do they want to take it away, she prays to God for the birth anniversary of Virat and Sai. Pakhi is jealous to hear this. Ashwini asks her to bring aarti thali to welcome her son and daughter-in-law.


Bhavani shouts if he actually brought Jungli Mulgi back home. Mohit informed that Virat and Sai had come.Virat enters the house holding Sai’s hand. Karisma says that seeing Virat and Sa looks like they didn’t fight at all. Ashwini stops them and says that to protect them from evil eye to perform their aarti, asks Pakhi to bring aarti thali and goes to fetch her herself. Looking at the door, Sai recalls virat closing the door on his face. Virat asks him not to think as much as his home. Sai says that neither her house nor the family, she is here for her health and once she recovers, she will return to the hostel Virat feels that he once made the mistake of sending her away from her, now he will not let her go of his life at any cost. Ashwini brings aarti. Mohit asks Karisma to help Ashwini. Sonali stops Karisma. Mohit says dada and vahini returned home and Karisma should perform aarti. Karisma helps Ashwini. Ashwini worships Virat and Sai and prays to God to protect them from evil eye and always keeps them happy. She sees Pakhi and orders Karisma to burn the nazare stuff because she has a bad eye on her.Bhavani shouts that Virat returned home victorious after defeating the terrorist but he is more than happy with Sai’s return. Ashwini says she is a mother and knows what is good for her children, she stops her children’s eyes because some people are jealous of seeing them together, pointing at pakhi.

Pakhi is more jealous. Ashwini continues that a few days ago, someone’s bad eyes fought her children, but with god’s blessings, they reunited and it was necessary to keep their naaz. She requests Bhavani to take off her aarti now. Bhavani shouts that he should not teach her as she has fixed all these rituals. Virat told Bhavani that he was a pillar of this house and should not mind because every act of his aayi reflected his love. Sonali asks them to come in and says right about Ashwini as Sai has a bad eye on her house and she should showcase the need for her house. Ashwini asked Virat and Sai to close their eyes as they cannot shut their bad mouths and perform their aarti. Virat and Sai walk together, making Pakhi more jealous. Ashwini prayed to Dev not to let Sai go anywhere now.


Sonali makes Virat sit Virat feels pain and hints at Sai. Sai sends Sonali aside and a pillow under her hand holds support. Omkar asks Virat how is he now? Virat says better than ever. Ninad asks him to rest until he recovers completely and does not think of fulfilling his duty. Virat says Sai will not allow him to join his duty and is not even in a hurry. Bhavani says she is happy that she recovered and returned home but why did she bring Sai home. Shexin said Sai blessed her that she would not return home, but returned after seeing the opportunity; Pakhi rightly says that Sai is an opportunist and has returned home with a chance. Sai says she returned here until Virat recovers and then returns to his hostel. Bhavani shouts that Virat’s family will look after him and they don’t need the help of the outsider, and even if they need help, they can afford a nurse. Arohi says Sai is Virat’s wife and who will take care of her husband. Virat says that as soon as Sai heard about his injury during the mission, he came straight to him, and Bhavani was insulting him.Ninad shouts that Sai had come to the hospital last night and made a play. Mohit thinks what nonsense it is. Omkar (waiting for his chance for a long time) shouts that Ninad gave Pakhi the responsibility of taking care of Virat, but Sai insulted Pakhi and threw him out. Sai asks if she had asked Pakhi to leave the hospital. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to talk to her. Sai says his thinking is similar, but he has to prepare for the play, which he built a house and lied to the family against him; Repeats if he told her to leave the hospital. Sonali shouts that Pakhi does not lie.

Virat even tells Sai the truth. Sai says he doesn’t know what Pakhi said to him should be a clear lie. Karisma asks if she means she didn’t ask Pakhi to go back home. Virat says he asked Pakhi to return home and rest because she was awake all night; Sai just told her that she could stay there, but he would take care of her, and she doesn’t think Sai has said anything wrong. Pakhi shouts why he always favours his wife. Virat says he is telling the truth and asks if he did not ask him to go home and rest, he has already proved Sai a liar and is trying to prove him false; Sai is not at fault.


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