Christmas 2021 : Why do people speak on Christmas greetings Merry Christmas ?

Christmas 2021: Why do people speak Christmas greetings Merry Christmas ?
When wishing Christmas, people often wish by saying Merry Christmas, not happy Christmas. This often raises questions about why this is said. Find out the answer here.


Christmas 2021: Why do people speak Christmas greetings Merry Christmas ?

Merry Christmas

Every year on December 25, the Christmas Festival is celebrated. Usually you may have noticed that people speak Merry Christmas to each other when congratulating them for Christmas not Happy Christmas. You will probably do the same. If a happy Christmas comes out of someone’s mouth, then by fixing it, they call it Merry Christmas again, like they have said something wrong by saying Happy Christmas.

Obviously, in such a situation, the question will arise in the mind that why is it called Merry Christmas while wishing Christmas, why is the word Mary not used instead of happy on any other festival? Find out about it here.


Understand the difference between Mary and happy

In simple terms, the meaning of Mary and the meaning of Happy is the same. The word’ Mary ‘ means blissful. These words consist of Germanic and Old English. The only difference is that ‘happy ‘is the word spoken in practical language while’ Mary’ is in emotional state. The word Mary also contains feelings and expressions of joy and love. Since Isaah Christ was the founder of Christianity. The people of Christianity consider him to be God the father and the son of God. In this way, they use the word Mary instead of happy to express their feelings and feelings of joy on the occasion of their birthday. However, some argue that the name of Jesus ‘ mother was Mary, also known as Mary. On Jesus ‘ birthday, people remember him with his mother and speak Mary Christmas.

Charles Dickens goes to credit

The credit for popularizing the term goes to the English writer Charles Dickens. In the book ‘A Christmas Carol ‘ published nearly 175 years earlier than today, he was repeatedly using the word Mary. It is said that this is where the word Mary to wish Christmas came into play. Until then, people used to wish each other by saying Happy Christmas. Even today many people in England speak happy Christmas. You can also speak some of Happy Christmas and Merry Christmas because both words are correct. However, Mary is only used to wish Christmas. It is said that the word Mary is much older than the word happy.


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