BK Shivani Thoughts Of The Day -Strengthen Your Mind, Weaken Your Problem

BK Shivani Thoughts Of The Day -Strengthen Your Mind, Weaken Your Problem  Power divinity reduces only when we think, speak, and discuss about other people’s weaknesses.So if someone comes to us to gossip, lets lovingly tell them – We are fasting these days.They will insist – Just listen for a minute, it’s very important for you to know.People will not let you get away easily.They say – It’s important. Do you know what they are saying about you?Immediately what should we reply?Just tell them – Om Shanti. Let’s meet after 9 days (after Navratri).This is will power. This is power.Even if the whole world is on the other side, we need to stand alone and say I am fasting. If you have anything good to share, I will listen. Otherwise let’s meet later.And after 9 days we will anyway take a call whether to continue the fasting or not.

BK Shivani Thoughts Of The Day -Strengthen Your Mind, Weaken Your Problem
BK Shivani Thoughts Of The Day -Strengthen Your Mind, Weaken Your Problem

Why is a Vrat followed for 9 days?What is the importance of nine days?When we do something for nine days, by then we experience its benefit. So once we experience the benefits for 9 days What happens to Ravan (that vice or weakness) on the tenth day? So when Ravan is finished on the 10th day, then it means that Sanskar is finished by the 11th day,It was not only about setting the effigy of Ravan on fire at a ground.The ten heads of Ravan represent the ten weaknesses within us.There was no one by the name Ravan who lived in this world bearing 10 heads. Likewise there was no Devi in this world who had 8 arms.It was only a symbolic representation of the qualities powers and vices in the soulIf eight powers of the soul have to be depicted, they will be depicted as 8  arms pictorially.Similarly if vices of the soul have to be depicted, they will be depicted as 10 heads because ego of soul is in the forehead.So when the soul’s power was to be depicted, it was painted as a Devi with eight arms.And when the soul’s vices were to be depicted, it was shown as Ravan with 10 heads.And we were taught – Live your life for nine days in such a wayThat on the tenth day, Ravan (your vices) will finish.So on the eleventh day when someone comes to you with gossip, you will not need to make efforts.It’s just a change of taste.There can be something which is tasty and hence you eat daily. But it is not healthy.Likewise talks of gossip can be tasty but it is not healthy.Gyan might not be tasty but it is very healthy.What happens when we share points of spiritual knowledge isThe other person says – Please make it fast I don’t have time.But if you talk to them about gossip they say – I see. And then what happened … And then what happened?Even if you meet them the next day, they will want to know what happened to that matter.We have developed a taste for Gossip. But it is okay and it doesn’t matter.Important is that our taste can be changed.And all of us have experienced that when we change our diet Within a few days, the same item which used to seem very tasty to us That item will no longer be a part of our diet.And we will never focus on that item even if it is in front of us.Someone gave sweets, someone gave up fried food … It only takes a few days to give up such things.Thereafter we are not attracted to it.


It’s gone.That is why nine days That when we fast for 9 days That attraction is finished.On the 10th day doesn’t take effort to say no to it.And actually in those nine days the other person will also know Let me not go to them to gossip.They are quite boring, don’t go to them for such things.They know whom to go and whom to avoid.They know to the extent that even when it comes to messages on social media Messages also come under a full spectrum of quality.Check the kind of messages people send us.Even social media messages can add several stains to our white circle.Because click after click after click Earlier we would get information only from people around us.Today it’s available at the click of a button.We are reading and listening about everyone else.And all that content is not of a good quality.It is all somebody’s perspective.Someone has written that humour, someone has written that criticism.It was according to their Sanskar, their stainThey created that message and circulated it.We casually read, listened and watched it. Since we have received, we forward it as well.If we start forwarding such messages Then will the creators of such message not stop creating them? They will.They can only create and send it to one or two people then.After that it is those one or two people who will initiate spreading that message across the world.So the more we keep circulating them It means the more we are endorsing creators of such messages.So we also become a part of that Karma.Who are we to say why are they making such messages?We are forwarding it then to the rest of the world.So what we are consuming from media Stop reading, watching, listening and circulating those messages for a few daysBy the tenth day you will see that people will stop sending you such messages.They will also understand by then, what quality of messages they can send you.



Will it happen or not?Are you willing to do it for 9 days?We are thinking, listening, and talking about other people We are depleting our own energy.Ever since we have started receiving so much content Our emotional health has deteriorated very quickly.Today India is number one in depression.India is also number one in content consumption.Last month you might have read as it made it to the headlines of Times of IndiaYouTube said – our biggest client in content consumption is India.So if we keep consuming and not paying attention to quality Their emotional and mental health will be directly proportional to the quality of that content.So we don’t need to observe a fast only with respect to foodWe need to observe fast in terms of information that we listen, read, watch Think, speak, live.And then comes fast in terms of eating and drinking.It is very easy to stop eating or drinking something.The information that we read listen and watch should be Satwik for the next nine days. But we need to filter information carefully.  Because we have been labelling a lot of tamsik information as normal today.Something that we call as a joke or humour, also involves ridiculing someone.If someone has been criticized even in the pretext of humour, what is the vibration of that message?It’s a low energy vibration.Someone wrote about someone else.We read it and stained our energy circle.Just do it for nine days and you will see your energy rising.So for nine days we will not read, listen, watch, or forward such messages.By forwarding such messages to others, we create a very deep Karmic account.It is like serving toxic food to somebody else.We are literally doing that – serving toxic food to someone else.What is the capacity of the other person? What is happening to their state when they are consuming all that we sent?When our interest in such information is finished, there is no margin to circulate with others.By doing this our energy goes highThen no matter what happens, we will have the power to face that challenge.Problems are bound to come in life.You can check that in the same house, suppose there are four family members.One family member says –



This is such a huge problem.The second person says – it is a problem.The third person says – it is just a small issue.And the fourth family member will ask – where is the issue?They live in the same house and it is the same situation in front of them.But their perspective about the same situation is different.Huge problem, problem Minor issue, and no issue.Whether it is a big or small situation, the size depends on?Consider this table.If four people are asked to lift this tableSomeone will say it is extremely heavy, the other will say it is just heavy.The third will say it is light, and another person will say it is as good as weightless.Their answer depends on?It is the same table and its weight is the same.But the perception of different people about the same table depends on?Depends on my strength.When the inner power is slow, small situations appear like problems.And as our inner power increases Even the biggest problems appear small.So what is the size of a situation?God teaches us to shrink even a mountain-sized problem into a mustard seed.So tiny that it’s not even visible when you hold it between two fingers.Shrink even a mountain-sized problem into a mustard seed.Convert that mustard seed into cotton and blow it away.We have the power to do that.But we also have the power to magnify a mustard sized problem into a mountain.When we discuss our problems with other people Just look at how our style changes.Do you know what happened?For instance this sister opened the door and came in.Suppose I want to tell someone about it.One way to say is – she opened the door and came insaide.The other way is to say – do you know what happened? Everyone was sitting comfortably.There was complete silence.Look at the guts of that sister. She opened the door.Don’t we do this? We keep escalating matters.But we are not realising that we are depleting our inner power at that time.Even if the biggest problems arise, in order to over power them First of all shrink its size.Because if we see the situation as big, we become small in front of it.Whereas if we see the situation as small, we appear big in front of it.No matter what the situation is, first shrink its size.The lens is here and this lens has the power Whether to magnify a situation or shrink it. The lens is here.Even if someone else asks you – Are you facing such a huge problem in life?We need to change their lens also.Tell them – This is not a problem at all. It will finish in no time.Finish it. No negative thoughts about situations in our life.Because when people think and speak about situations in our life They will not give us good or right energy.It is negative energy because even when people worry for us, it is negative.So always shrink the size of situations in your life.Don’t magnify any situation.The more you shrink a situation The more you feel powerful about yourself.Likewise the more you magnify any situation, the weaker you start feeling.It’s only one thought – What thought you create here about the situation.We meet some people who are crossing very serious and chronic illnesses They would be crossing stage 3 or stage 4 of that illness.But looking at their face you feel no one is happy than them.On the other hand we meet someone who has 100 degree feverThey keep cribbing and complaining that they are very ill, in a lot of pain.So the fact is that a situation has no size by itself.So we need to be very clear about the lens to see every scene through.Changing the lens is very easy – it’s only a habit.It’s only about a habit of thinking and talking that way.The more we save ourselves from negativity Our inner power keeps increasing because we are not consuming emotional infection from outside.We are not consuming it at all.Original quality of the soul is that it is very pure and very powerful.It only needs to be protected from stains.Are you ready to follow all this for 9 days? What do we need to do?We will not listen about other people’s weaknesses.We will not speak about it. Very good.We will also not think about anyone’s weakness.We do see wrong things happening. For example Someone in your family keeps getting angry, someone else keeps coming late Someone has a habit of doubting everyone Someone keeps criticizing all the time Someone keeps speaking lies.It is all a spectrum of Sanskars that we will see around us.Despite seeing all this,  we need to live with them or work with them.We need to bless them so that their wrong Sanskar gets finished.Let’s not keep their Sanskar on our mind.Because not just us but they are getting harmed by it.Suppose someone has a Sanskar off getting angry, and this is a very simple Sanskar If everyone at home keeps saying –


He has anger issues, he gets very angry, he is always angry … Even in front of guests they say – He gets very angry So even the guests ask – Oh, he gets very angry is it?So what happens to his inner power?After one year they will say – his anger has increased.Who is responsible for an increase in his anger? The whole family.Suppose there are two plants – one s a plant of anger and the other is a plant of peace.There is not a single soul who get angry throughout the day. That’s not possible.Each soul has both the Sanskars – anger as well as peace.Which plant should we water? Which means which plant should be think and speak about, and give energy to?Water one plant and stop watering The Other plant.There is no need to finish that Sanskar. Just stop giving it water (energy).That Sanskar will automatically finish.When we come to the Brahma Kumaris Centre for the first timeWe bring all our stains with us – anger, hatred, ego, arrogance … Everything.But on the first day God tells us – you are a pure soul.Not true at all.God says you are a peaceful soul.But we are not at all peaceful. God says – You are a loving soul.Not at all true.God teaches us – From this moment you need to keep thinking at speaking this way.I am a peaceful soul, I am a pure soul I am a happy soul, I am loving soul.Do not think or speak of yourself in any other way.What happens gradually is  The Sanskars of peace purity and love start getting watered. We give that energy to ourselves everyday.When we speak of ourselves this way, we start saying that about others as well.He is a peaceful soul, she is a powerful soul, he is a happy soul, she is a loving soul … Which means we are watering the right Sanskars in other people also.We will not even realise when the negative plant (of anger, hatred, ego) gets finished.Because we are not paying attention to them.There is no other way to change a Sanskar.The only way is to focus on the right SanskarsWhen you want to change any Sanskar in anyone, Neither think about it nor speakBut the opposite Sanskar which you want the person to have – keep thinking, speaking, and sharing about it with other people.This is called giving blessings.How are the hands of Devi Devtas depicted?We stand in front of their idols and say –

I am lowly, corrupt and a sinner. But their hand is still blessing us.What does it mean? That we go to them with our negativity But they still give us blessings.And by continuously giving us blessings They finish the negativity present within us.Divine souls are present here.Tomorrow morning, you will interact with people at home, during your commute, and at office.You will see wrong Sanskars in people. What do you need to do?Blessing means do not think and speak about that negative Sanskar in them.But you will think and speak about the pure Sanskars present within them.


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