BK Shivani | COVID Think Right In Tough Situations By BK Shivani

BK Shivani | COVID Think Right In Tough Situations By BK Shivani COVID Think Right In Tough Situations By BK Shivani We create 70000 to 75000 thoughts a day in a normal situation (not during covid)What all does our thoughts affect?Mental health, Physical healthRelationship and environment.My thoughts influence the vibrations of my home, my city, my country, my world.Thoughts are seeds.It is not without reason that they said – ‘Win the mind to win the World’, and ‘our thoughts create our world’My world means my body, my home, my family, my office.But this world is run by my mind here.Therefore right thinking is the most important thing in lifeBecause if the thinking is right, everything else becomes right.So today let’s make caring for the mind as our number one priority. What is not visible is actually very important.Whether it is the seed of a tree Whether it is the foundation of our house Nobody tells us – The foundation of your house is so good.

They only compliment the house, the sofa,  the curtains … No one talks about the foundation.But it is the foundation with sustains the entire building.If the foundation is weak, it takes only one storm to have all the furniture and the building itself collapse.So from today our priority will be to focus on what is invisible, which means focus here.This is the foundation of my life, this is the seed of my life, and hence the most important.If I work 30 minutes or 1 hour less than usual, absolutely no problem.But if I keep my Foundation fine, everything else will become fine.Before covid when we would ask people to to meditate or come to the centre Reply would be – I don’t have time even to die. How can I just think of myself?We believe that thinking about ourselves is a selfish act.Because there is a lot of work. Managing the house, managing business and serving as well. This is right and very true.Because today when people are not able to manage two things like family and career


Then the third important responsibility of service The Secret is that when you take more responsibilities in life Which means already tow responsibilities and seva additionallyThen we need to take all the more care here.For example if you are building just one floor, Foundation will be different.But if you are building a 50-storey tower, the foundation will be completely different isn’t it?So since you have taken up many floors of responsibilities in life, your foundation needs to be that much stronger.Someone shared a beautiful quote – Everyone should meditate for 20 minutes daily.But those who are busy should meditate for 1 hour daily.That is simple because the more responsibilities you have, the stronger your Foundation here it needs to be.From today needs to be the number one priority.How to strengthen it?The first equation is – Situations do not create my thoughts. My thoughts influence situations.How to use it throughout the day?No matter what situation comes up, don’t blame that situation for your thoughts.It could be a circumstance or a person’s behaviour.Only then you can create right thinking.When does wrong thinking happen? When we blame external factors for our thoughts.Wrong thinking is when we say – Because they did so and so, I obviously got angry.We say they were wrong. But whether they were wrong or right is not in our control.The first thing to control is to keep our own thoughts right.Even when everything is wrong outside, my thought needs to be right.When we say – Their mistake was so huge that I obviously got angryThis thought is wrong because this thought is false.They don’t make us angry. Looking at their mistake, we create anger.Our thoughts are our creation. Other people cannot get into our mind and create our thoughts.But we have always lived that way blaming others – He made me angry, she irritated me …



We even say – She is so irritating. I don’t even take her calls.We call them irritating. Whereas we create irritation in response to their behaviour.Even these are wrong thoughts when we say – he hurt me, they insulted me, she disrespected me .. These are false because people cannot insult us, they cannot enter our mind and hurt us.People cannot make us cry. They cannot enter our mind and make us sad.They are outside. Standing there they can make any number of mistakes.They can make false allegations on us, they can cheat us in business … They can do anything outside.But when they do something, how I need to think is completely my power.Remote control is not in their hands. They cannot enter into my mind and create my thoughts.That is the third fundamental equation.Who is the creator of my thoughts? I, myself.The most important thing to do immediately as a homeworkNever blame a situation or person for your thoughts.No problem even if you create wrong thoughts of anger, hurt, worry or jealousy. We will change them and correct them.But if we say these thoughts are because of themThen we will wait for them to change, so that our thoughts will change.They did what they had to. I created anger or hurt.We will pause for a minute and gradually changed thought.Why did they do what they did?It could be their mood, their perspective, their Sanskar … Today there is so much pain and fear, so people tend to say and do different things.I understand – their mind is restless or it could be their habit.But it is all about them and theirs.Even during covid, we have ensured that even if the other person gets infected, we should remain protected.Only then the change will be broken – even when someone else is infected, I should not catch it.Then the chain will be broken.So we follow social distancing, wear masks, and sanitize frequently.So covid stays outside and doesn’t enter our body.Since we don’t get infected, we don’t infect anyone else. The chain is broken.If someone is emotionally disturbed, that is also an infection.It is an emotional illness.Let it remain where it is, by keeping our state of mind fine. Eventually even the other person will become fine.Which means we will give them the power and change their mood as well. They will not need a doctor.But we need to remember to break the chain here.If they behave wrongly, we create anger and worry After creating these unpleasant emotions at office, what do we take back home in the evening?I consumed the infection of someone’s emotional reaction Going home in the evening, I spread this emotional infection to my family.This infection spreads.



This is why children create anger, irritation, anxiety and fear.They start panicking before examsSchool examinations cannot even be considered as big situations in life.30 to 40 years ago, children didn’t even realise when exams came and went. At the most there would be a slight tension.That too only for students would not pass.Today it happens for students who come first. They have never come second.And still they get stressed. What is the reason?Their parents bring home stress in the evening.Throughout the day today catch EM of non infections from workplace.So we need to break the chain.The other person has emotional infection. We will take care of that.But before that we have to protect ourselves.Simple thing – never say they disrespected me or they insulted me … Right thinking this – They are emotionally disturbed.It is not that day disturbed me.The moment we say they disturbed meVisualise that I have consumed their infection.And then it doesn’t just remain with us because our mind becomes heavy.Wanting to talk to someone to lighten the burden, we call up.Narrate the whole incident to that person.We explain how they spoiled our day, our life, disturbed us, humiliated us … So we pass on our infection to the other person as well.They endorse our feeling and say – It was natural for you to get angry and hurt.They even suggest – This is not something you should forgive them for. Otherwise they will take you for granted and repeat it.We get all types of advises today.So we need to be careful of the advice we get.Just like how we are careful about the advice we get regarding covid.We need to know which advice is right and which is not.When someone asks us to retaliate, delete that advice.When someone asks us to never forgive, delete that advice.Because this advice is harmful for our emotional health.People advising this way are not wrong. It is just that they live their life in this way, and therefore advise the same to us.Our safety is when we are right here.Once we win the mind, we will win the world – Physical health, relationships, career, finances… Everything.Winning the mind being slogan else can influence my state of mind.They can stand there and make any mistake. But how I think is going to be my choice. This is power.This is victory over the mind.



This is being self sovereign.This is Atma-Nirbhar, which means self reliant.Which means we don’t depend on situations and other people, asking people to speak lovingly and respectfully.We do not stand like this wanting.And those who are serving others, can certainly not stand like this wanting. The direction of service is this (giving).They don’t have any wants or expectations. They are always the givers.Right thinking means no blame on anyone for our thoughts.Whether it is a small situation like traffic jam, or it is the biggest situation like someone in our family leaving the body and moving forward.In both the situations which are extremes – one is insignificant and the other is the biggest situation in life.But the equation remains same in both cases.That I need to think right in both the situations.Suppose someone has left the body and moved forward on the journey.Could be an untimely death, and so we say covid is causing such havoc.Don’t think that way. That soul has gone forward.What would be the right thoughts when someone leaves the body?How can we think right in such moments?Right thinking is absolutely necessary when someone leaves the body and moves forward.Let’s look at the situation from their perspective for a moment.When they were in this body, everything belonged to them Their body, family, children, job, position … They were involved in everything.Even when they got fever, they thought it will subside in 4 days.Suddenly oxygen level dipped, so family took them to the hospital. Even then they knew they would come back soon.For one second can we imagine what thoughts they would have on their mind that day?They had not made any preparations, because they expected to be back in a week. They didn’t even have any specific conversations with family before going to the hospital.Once in the hospital, that person was shifted to the ICU. So more chance of even speaking to someone.Even then, they expected to return home within a week.But suddenly things changed.That soul left the body.Can we imagine the feelings they were getting at that time?What would their thoughts and feelings be?It’s important to put ourselves in their position.Suddenly everything was left behind, and there was absolutely no preparation.The soul left the body and could not even meet anyone before leaving.The family was not around at that time.And no one can meet the family and console then right now.We can only speak on the phone.All the tools with which we should help each other at this time We would personally meet them, console, offer tribute … Now we can’t do anything.All we can do now is to think right for that soul, from where we are.Because our every thought reaches that soul who has left the body and moved on. Please underline this. That is the reason people say – Speak only good things about that soul. Don’t criticize or blame.



Why is it that the soul can receive our thoughts now? Could they not do it while they were in that body?After leaving the body, catching power of the soul reaches a different level.Because they are no longer bound to the body, they are detached from it.Death means an out of body experience.The soul has left the body.We have heard about out of body experience.Out of body experience – in that stage, the soul can see everything and hear everything.Even our thoughts reach them. So how should we be thinking at this time?After leaving the body, the soul now enters a mother’s womb.The soul will be in the mother’s womb for the next few months and until the baby is born.When the soul is in the womb and its body is developingWhat thoughts should we send at that time? A new body is getting created, a new destiny and a new journey is about to begin.We all know that every mother has a different experience during those 9 months.For some of them it is so smooth, they don’t even realise how it passesAnd for some, those 9 months are very uncomfortable.There could be a lot of reasons for it.But the biggest factor is the state of mind of that soul who has entered the womb.And that state of mind is influenced by family and friends who are left behind.They are sending that soul, vibrations and messages constantly.Just check the thoughts which that previous family sends to that soul which has moved forwardWhy did you leave me? I cannot live without you.You have to come back. We cannot live without you. I cannot manage the children alone. Please come back and take care of us …The pain is certainly understandable. That vacuum can never be filled.But we have the responsibility of how to think at that moment.Not just for our family around us.But most importantly for that soul who has left us.Because that soul has only one constant worry – How will my family manage without me?We need to ensure that soul remains worry-free as they move on.For that, we need to send right thoughts to that soul – We are fine here, taking care of ourselves.You have a beautiful life ahead with a healthy body. The body you had when you were here was not healthy.You will have a wonderful destiny ahead.Our every thought vibration reaches them.Let’s not think only about how we will live without them.We need to think about them because they are concerned about us missing them.So we need to correct their thoughts.



This is right thinking. And that is my prayer meet for their peace is held.It is not just prayer, but it means our every thought which is reaching them, should give than peace of mind.So right thinking is most important when someone around us leaves the body.We usually meditate and pray for them.But we also need to take care that our every thought towards them is right. Our thoughts should make them feel light and easy, and empower them for their onward journey.Today some of us create a thought that we could not take care of them properly.Many of us are creating guilt that we could not take the right care of our family or friend.That we could not get them a bed in the hospital, or we could not get them oxygen.If we keep creating guilt that we could not take adequate care of them They will receive the vibration. They will not understand the matter, but they catch the thoughtSo they also create a thought – My family could not do anything for me.After a few months a baby will be born in the new family. The family will give that baby a lot of love.But after two or three years, the child will say – My family does not do anything for me.The family will get tired of explaining that we are all for you.But the child will insist – I know you don’t love me, I know you don’t care for me.Where did the child get it from? From the womb, because we were sending those messages.Creating guilt is also negative thinking, wrong thinking.Guilt is very harmful. Our thoughts for that soul who left us should be – We did more than our capacity to help you and save you. We did everything that we could do.Today many people are creating thoughts of helplessness.I am sure you also receive calls for help today, from families of patients. But you might not be able to help everyone because, there are limitations at this time. Suppose you get 10 calls requesting help to arrange beds for patients, you may not be able to obliged all of them.No matter how much you try, there is a limitation.But that is troubling us – I am so helpless, I could do anything for them.And then if that’s all had to leave the body, our helplessness will turn into guilt.We start thinking – if I had done so and so, perhaps the person would have survived … This guilt and helplessness is not right thinking.It is creating the heavy energy for us anyway, but more importantly it is radiating to that patient who is healing.And even more heavy energy for or a soul who has left the body.We need to remember that we are not being caring. We are doing more than our capacity.



We cannot do beyond a certain limit.But that’s not a reason for guilt. That is not a mistake. That is a limitation. There is the limitation to our capacity and to the system at present.Don’t convert it into guilt. Otherwise that guilt can remain with us lifelong.It can set in as a trauma.It creates a deep wound on the soul which is the seed, that it can never be healed for a long time.We need to take care of our thoughts.Thoughts of guilt should not be sent to a soul who has moved forward.Let’s change our thoughts.Even while doing it for them, let’s say – We are doing much more than our capacity for you. I am sure everything will be fine.But suppose things don’t go well, we can apologize but not create guilt.Right thinking is very subtle.In every situation, right thoughts are those which keep my state of mind fine, radiate to them, and keep their mind fine as well.If that soul in the womb receives our message – we did the best for you, and put all our efforts. But result was not favourable.Programming in the mind of that child will be – My family loves me so much. They put in so much effort for meThat child’s destiny in that new family will be very comfortable.Because of the belief that the family loves him and works hard for his sake.If a family member is in the ICU and leave the body, we create thoughts – I was not with him in the final moments.Then that child will create thoughts – My family was not with me when I needed them.We will change our thoughts – physically we were not with you, We were always with you and will continue to be with you.There is so much difference between the two kinds of thoughts.That soul will also create thoughts –


My family was only and only with me. They were not doing anything else.Is thought is influencing the body of the soul which is getting developed in the womb.Every organ is getting developed. And the destiny of that child is getting created.After a few months when the child is born, Pandit Ji will create and hand over a horoscope of that child.All these thoughts will have a bearing on that horoscope. Destiny will also be influenced.Right thinking in the toughest and the most difficult situations.It’s not positive thinking but right thinking. Many to think right especially for the soul who has moved forward.


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