Bell Bottom Full Movie Review: Akshay Kumar’s film like a hijack flight from the beginning

Bell Bottom Review: Akshay Kumar’s film like a hijack flight from the beginning

Bell Bottom Review: Kumar’s entry in the film is set aside a few minutes and then Kumar’s same dare devilry

Bell Bottom Review: Akshay Kumar’s film like a hijack flight from the beginning


Bell bottom has become the first major Bollywood film to be released in theaters after the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was one of the first Indian films to start shooting during the pandemic. The set dates back to the 1980s, in which several Indian airlines are hijacked by anti-India forces.

Bell Bottom Full Movie Review: Akshay Kumar's film like a hijack flight from the beginning
Bell Bottom Full Movie Review: Akshay Kumar’s film like a hijack flight from the beginning

Akshay Kumar can turn the stance of any story

Should actually become a different style – “Akshay Kumar” style. While all the other characters can swing on a swing, it still has no effect on the story of the film. Because Akshay Kumar is the only artist who can turn the story around. This film belongs to the same genre.
The rest of us know how Akshay Kumar’s films are destined to end – with the national anthem, tricolor, etc.

The film is set aside a few minutes for Kumar’s entry and then Kumar’s same dare devil. Since the film is on the big screen, Akshay Kumar will be threatening Nandu in the interval advertisement and then the film ends with Akshay Kumar settling all the matter. Overall, only Akshay Kumar is Akshay Kumar in the entire film.

Also in this film, Akshay Kumar’s entry occurs when his raw boss (Adil Hussain) tells the prime minister “there is a human being who can give every detail related to the case”. After this, Akshay Kumar goes in slow motion by wearing a bellbottom on cue. The film is named after his code name though because he is an intelligence agent in the film.

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Adil Hussain in the role of raw boss


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However, it is no wonder how good bell bottom i.e. Anshul Malhotra is in everything. A chess player who can speak several languages, sing, has photographic memory and is simply “a little behind in the physical”.

Director Ranjit M. Tiwari has worked closely on flashbacks from 1979 to 1984. Especially in the context of 1983 and to show why Bell Bottom is personally engaged in high jacking matters. In the film we find out that she is married, but we never know why Kumar and his onscreen mother (Dolly Ahluwalia) look like the 70s, while daughter-in-law Vani Kapoor looks like 2021 with her hair, makeup and trendy clothes.
Mamik Singh from’ Jo Jeet Hee Sikander ‘ appears in a scene as Akshay’s elder brother.

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Movie cinema


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The story is higher. If the touch is real, the jinn is made of material. We are married by Lara. She is the one who plays the lead, makeup and twigs in her films. In the meantime, we have been using “far too” in the media and have not even realized how much they have done! It may be similar to” Lana ” to what it is, but it is certainly possible to do so without any discomfort, especially with the presence of married life on the part of her married life.

That “look” of Lara Dutta that was talked about a lot in the media


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However, in the PM’s room is also raw founder RN Cao, whose role is played by Denzel Smith. Those who have barely been given a single line to speak. (However, if you Google, you’ll find that their stories are so fascinating and exciting that when compared, the story of bellbottom’s first half will fade away.)

The script of Aseem Arora and Parvez sheikh could have worked well as an entertaining and tying play. But in the airspace of” Akshay Kumar style”, the film has been a” high-flying ” film from the very beginning. Jain Khan Durrani plays the main villain, the ISI highjacker, which Bel bottom has to deal with. Durrani, who we have seen earlier in’ Kuch bhige alphaj ‘and’ Shikara’, has an impressive appearance. However, he may not have been allowed to jeopardize Akshay Kumar’s presence.

Huma Qureshi is in a big cameo. Her roll causes a big twist at the end and she also plays her roll in a strong manner like Adil Hussain. All of them have had to cut their screen time so that Akshay Kumar’s roll can be extended. It is a different matter that all of them have had strong acting in the film.

A scene from the film, in which Akshay Kumar is seen in the roll of Bel Batam


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The film reads the ballads of praise for Dubai as if no one is killed innocent there. Huma Qureshi explains in a scene that an eagle is also killed here with a tranquilizer, not a gun. It’s weird, isn’t it? But still fine.

Although further things become clear when such unnecessary compliments are repeated several times in the film. What is surprising if it is called Dubai PR? Climax has battles with kidnappers, while there is also a Sandy storm. It is bloodless because “the land of Dubai cannot shed blood”.

Surely you saw it in 2D, although it is only my guess that Sandstorm could look a little better on 3D. But what difference does it make?
3D will fix the original flaws so don’t. Particularly disappointing in the film is how he is unable to create a sense of urgency or mystery. As the process of evacuating people continues, terrorists look like they mean their work simply.

But we know that Akshay Kumar’s film cannot end until the national anthem sounds, and we are not manipulated to feel a little nervous.

Belbottom is again another film in Akshay Kumar’s filmography, where he has once again played the role of an ideal Indian on the screen. Who cannot do any wrong thing to save other countrymen. This is the method of the film, which eventually makes everything High Jack.


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