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Kalyan Jodi chart / Satta Matka chart | Satka matka chart / matka today open


What is Kalyan Matka? (Matka open today)

Kalyan Matka also known as Kalyan satta matka is also a type of Satta or gambling game in which many people try their luck by investing money.

Friends playing a game like speculation or a lottery is illegal in our country, but even knowing this, many people invest money in it.

Earlier people gather a place to play Satta, but in today’s era it has become very easy for these people to play this game as nowadays people can invest money in games like Satta or lottery while sitting at home with the help of their mobile. Huh. Let me tell you that most people who play betting play only with the help of some apps.


What is Kalyan Matka? (Matka open today)

With the advent of the internet, people have started investing money in games like Satta Matka and Kalyan Matka with the help of websites and Android applications. All the money is immersed in it, so the only advice we will give you is that we should never play any illegal games of this kind.

Why do people play Kalyan Matka?

You may have known that it is illegal to play Kalyan Matka or Satta Matka but now you have a question that if it is illegal to play this game yet why people play this game, let us tell you that some people dream of it. Overnight to become a millionaire and he takes such a shortcut to fulfill his dream, but later nothing seems to be in his hands.


History of Satta Matka Kalyan Matka

Satta matka was started by Kalyanji hence it is called Kalyan Matka. Kalyan Matka was originally introduced from the New York Cotton Exchange to include betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton circulating in the Bombay Cotton Exchange, which originated in Mumbai in 1960 by Kalyanji Bhagat. It was estimated at what rate it will open and what rate it will close? It was closed by the New York Cotton Exchange in 1961.



In 1962 Kalyan Bhagat introduced Varli matka, two years later in 1964 Ratan Khatri introduced new Varli matka, which made minor changes in the rules of the game, which were more favourable to the public. The matcha game played by both became quite popular, and is still played by a large number of people today. The game has been banned by the government, but despite this, people play it hidden from the eyes of the law. We do not recommend you to play such games at all.


Satta matka is a traditional game from India that became very popular among the people in the 90s. Initially it was played offline by all men and women. But nowadays its popularity has gradually decreased for the following reasons:


Satta Matka Kalyan Matka Timing

Time Open: 1 PM
Time Close: 2 PM
Milan Open: 2.15 PM
Milan Close: 4.15 PM
Kalyan Open: 4.50 PM
Kalyan Close: 6.50 PM
Milan Night Open: 9 PM
Milan Night Close: 11.05 PM
Main Ratan Open: 9.35 PM
Main Ratan Close: 12 AM
Kalyan Night Open: 9.20 PM
Kalyan Night Close: 11.30 PM


कल्याण मटका में आज क्या आएगा?

It is difficult to tell about what will come today in Kalyan Matka, what number will come in it. The number that will be open today in the Kalyan Matka open can only be guessed about what that number will be. This is a money game in which you are in doubt about which number can open.

It will be more beneficial for you if you do a little research about it before playing Kalyan Matka open today. Looking at the old open numbers, you can try to get an idea of which number can be opened this time.

Though it depends entirely on your luck but then you can try to give your best. The whole game in Kalyan Matka is of numbers. An open number can bring you money in a moment, while your pocket can also be empty. So play such a lottery game thoughtfully.


We do not recommend you to play such restricted games at all. You play this type of lottery game at your own risk.


Kalyan Chart Daily Result कल्याण जोड़ी रिजल्ट?

Date Kalyan Chart Kalyan Panel Kalyan Jodi
28-09-2021 109-96-665 114-47-221 95
27-09-2021 166-69-337 418-57-105 21
25-09-2021 220-69-661 154-47-245 39
24-09-2021 663-65-214 774-48-958 18
23-09-2021 622-88-547 715-09-204 16
22-09-2021 041-47-547 220-28-278 69
21-09-2021 252-56-668 748-21-365 44
20-09-2021 485-57-996 011-24-104 67
19-09-2021 052-65-210 748-54-185 77
18-09-2021 104-75-258 336-32-052 28
17-09-2021 096-65-221 774-18-948 70
16-09-2021 041-87-653 885-79-542 79
15-09-2021 085-35-210 774-48-241 24
14-09-2021 085-19-365 010-12-320 78
13-09-2021 122-69-653 750-24-187 15
12-09-2021 745-15-254 859-65-320 45
11-09-2021 063-65-120 885-79-541 


10-09-2021 096-65-325 447-74-548 18
09-09-2021 745-28-652 074-45-119 22
08-09-2021 399-59-685 229-14-178 57
07-09-2021 719-36-254 041-78-241 85
06-09-2021 063-65-978 055-87-457 24
04-09-2021 098-65-218 748-25-021 75
03-09-2021 745-19-332 085-12-119 05
02-09-2021 066-36-321 857-79-548 85
01-09-2021 358-15-541 088-59-689 15
31-08-2021 629-65-214 447-77-154 65
30-08-2021 096-33-875 044-17-154 31
29-08-2021 178-95-325 099-68-547 42
28-08-2021 638-48-175 099-65-214 68
27-08-2021 093-32-005 075-48-554 87
26-08-2021 705-19-332 082-32-115 14
25-08-2021 657-18-194 003-32-054 75
24-08-2021 996-36-325 041-78-974 34
22-08-2021 085-35-259 778-49-154 28
21-08-2021 085-98-356 077-48-149 58
20-08-2021 045-31-325 667-18-185 17
19-08-2021 085-97-365 074-45-210 56
18-08-2021 068-97-333 045-17-189 32
17-08-2021 140-57-254 969-35-287 08
14-08-2021 085-65-998 240-15-218 85
12-08-2021 557-48-991 658-75-225 35
11-08-2021 129-35-255 075-49-124 85
10-08-2021 658-25-885 356-24-171 20
09-08-2021 658-59-526 005-54-210 45

How to play Satta Matka Kalyan Matka?

To play Kalyan Matka you have to select a number and put money on it as per your desire. If the number you choose is opened you win the game and you get all the money you invested, plus you get all the money from people who have chosen the wrong number. Those who have chosen the wrong number lose all their money.



In betting you either win or you lose all the money you invested. This is perfectly known as your luck game. Looking at the old number, you can guess which number can be opened this time? Although it is a risky game in which if you win you will get money, otherwise you will lose all your money.

What will Kalyan Matka come to open today?

After playing any Satta game people want to know what the result was, like people want to know what Kalyan Matka will open tomorrow today by playing Kalyan Matka, so let us tell you that most of those who play Satta Matka search what will be openly revealed today on Google because they need the answer.

Along with this many people post its posts on social media apps like WhatsApp groups and Facebook to see what will happen today and some people even answer it and tell what will come in the open today but let us tell you that the result cannot be ascertained in advance about any game like speculation or lottery and if one claims we should not trust that person at all and never make money in such a game. Should put .



What is the advantages of playing wellness chart?

Friends if you are still confused about what will happen by playing matka or how much money you can win then today we want to tell you that those who think that matka is just a game of luck are wrong because Luck can work hard and on the basis of hard work, you will have practice and desire to play matka.

Disclamer: Livenewsmint.com the website does not promote any kind of sports like speculation or raffle, we only aim to convey information to people. Any kind of speculative play or gambling is illegal in India and we should stay away from all these games.


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